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The sherbert tasted yucky and made my tongue cold and the friendly ladies smell smelled knelt funny. It was relieved and immediately hooked will not perfect yours is truly the only outlet comes to comes close to not having an agenda your deconstruction that include factors beyond what we were told makes listening during my commute something to look forward to being near your ages almost exactly atoms age and yes. I remember him on m._t._v. Definitive keeps growing knowing while there are other value for value platforms to me. Your show stands out as as worthy of support it be great to listen now to douchebag egg free jingles you okay <unk>. It'd be good ellison out douchebag free. He wants jingles jobs pelosi health karma and it's true and i'll give them a penny douched jobs jobs jobs avs and job. That's vote for karma next on unlisted don imus one thousand one hundred thirty three dollars and he sent an email which i could print it out but i tend to find here in the strowman here it is this is a sincere privileged to donate to what we must acknowledge as the singular voice in the increasingly challenging information landscape a perfect intersection of info world and the daily really source code one and unexpected mosaic for us all these pass on my thanks to mr curry for his determined analysis in the mark tech ad tech synergy that is happening with companies like axiom an live ramp. I work with many people named ben and bernice niece that are responsible for the architect for architect in data and identity solutions with these other d._m._p. Slash digital on boarding solutions. Wow that's a mouthful that come from the meme generator. No that was good. He's gotta be he's. He's clearly clearly in the data broker business. He knows what's going on. We struggle in the trenches every day against what seems to be an inevitable collapse between personally identifiable information information in the third party cookie slash digital fingerprinting system sprite. Hopefully hopefully my modest donation will provide an additional incentive to follow the topics someday soon to follow. The topic followed a topic. Somebody's nobody if he means he's by that. He's going to send us something important to to relate oh good good for example at an might find interest in axioms close known relationship with another another arkansas force the former arkansas governor mr clinton and his d._n._c. in my honest opinion the references to the nineteen eighteen ninety s to the clinton powerhouse of the <unk> fundraising is a straight line to the proprietary identity resolution keys found at that company between toad suck and pickles gap well so so what he's talking about here is axiom who by the way i accidentally identified as having been purchased richest in our many talks by oracle that is not true. They were purchased by w._p._p. One of the largest advertising corporations conglomerates that yeah but i also somewhere talked about being acquired by oracle that was mistake but they are originally from arkansas. That's where the headquarters were ainhoa or they just opened opened up or it actually just like a year ago. They opened up a new <hes> a new headquarters china so this is the company the data broker that really is the go-to for all information about people and they've got the financial flows they sell back to facebook and <hes> and twitter and google. That's how big these guys are yeah and then coincidentally there from arkansas. Little rock and signs is often animus one thousand one honest one thousand one. None of us went does anonymous onward to daniel sends. I think i always had trouble. Pronouncing is name seines.

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