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Entrepreneurship innovation music art. Love creation, positively whatever that is like that is within us. And that's what I tapped into out there, which is the most special thing for me to come back and be able to share is that resonant, positively in the power that we all have within us. It's crazy, man. What was the things you were saying yourself the final twelve fifteen twenty hours? Like, are you saying the mantra over and over or you white space, and your mind, are you having a conversation with yourself was kind of random what was cool about that really deeper flow was I said the clarity. And so it was actually two things happen one. The passage of time started to feel different, you know, thirty two hours. I mean, if I told you to sit here at your desk, three judge like, bro. It's like come on like where we climbed twenty. I know twenty nine for thirty five hours. It's a long time to do something like that. And I'm just staring at this compass. I mean, there's. There's literally staring at a compass endless white space. You're looking on accomplished the whole time pretty much because because very hard to you can't even really see the the distance in front of you, especially when it's white out and these blizzard conditions. I'm just staring at something. So here's blank 'cause you're always blowing it around your waist or you're going around your shoulders. I've got a compass strapped to my chest. And I'm staring down. And it's white on white. And sometimes yes skiing, but like with skins about. So it's not like people think skiing is basically like glorified snow shoe. So it's got skins on the bottom just to give you grip as soon not Dc digging into the deep snow so anyways a sled, but yet in that flow state. I'm I'm thinking about what actually happened in the last fifteen or twenty hours, and this was really cool is that I've realized that all the memories we had. So I said, hey, Louis time about your high school graduation. You probably have memory pops in your mind right now like you've got an image of that day. But then we're going to keep talking and we're going to talk about other things you'll get distracted. But in that quiet space in that flow. Spit state the memories in my mind, even if the mundane became so rich. And so I start thinking about all the points in my life. But I'm a five year old kid on a swimming pool. Deck with my mom encouraging me to dive in for my first swim race. But I'm not there for a flash. Instant my mind, I'm there, and I can feel the wind blowing. I can see my mom on the other side holding a red towel, and I can see into my sister who's going to race in the race behind me. And all this or I started going back to drive into school with my sister K own actually, and we did that every single day to high school for years and years and years, we're siblings. Sometimes we could talk someone's listening to music someone who's winning? I actually could start to remember full sequences of ten fifteen minute. These drives over and over and over again. So in this flow state, I was almost in this lucid dream state right discovered. That the memories everything we've been through even those memories, you think like that's not a part of me. I've let that go or that's not there like they are there and enrich detail. And so in this flow state, I'm actually remembering all of the things that happened to me through my life to lead up to this moment, the kidney swimming pool the twenty two year old that got. Severely burned in a fire in Thailand was told I would never walk again spent three months in the hospital, my mom's recovery, helping me recover through that..

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