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Hello everyone and welcome back to the too hot to handle wrap up. I'm your host person Kes- and I have a very very fun panel for you guys today so first of all I'm going to bring in. She's the better version of me. Funnier smarter incredible. Haley Strong Haley. How're you doing first of all? How dare you none of? That's true second of all. I just may leave this podcast halfway through with very little explanation just because I'm not showing any growth whatsoever. I mean same. Honestly next up we have the beautiful wonderful Angelo Bloom. Angela how are you doing? Hey doing well yes I also may leave but not because I choose to but because I am rude okay perfect and I figured that we would have to round out the coverage of this show with someone who used to be a manhor. So what is the podcast? Mike Bloom I thought you were GonNa Bring me on for my my masculinity as honed in diva the heart warrior Guru. I rust soared through a poster and everything and anticipation station for this podcast. I'm GonNa need the footage of that. Mike Mooney the receipt and Angela. I can't believe you wasted your time in that way. How dare you? It's foreign team. We've been wasting our time doing much worse than not wasted our time. We have no time. What is time I don't know does o'clock start with a twelve zero one? We can't tell it's hard to say it's practically impossible okay. So before we jump into these two episodes thought it would be fun to get everybody's thoughts on the season so far the people they like and don't like Haley. Do you have any burning thoughts in the first four episodes? I'm having a great time watching the show. I didn't think I would. I don't know why I love trash television. Perfect it basically takes everything I love about love island in just like condenses it so I don't have to watch forty five episodes who are like. I think I might Mary Kells I love him. He's from the girl side are we haven't seen a lot from her. And maybe that's why I like her but I really love Nicole and I'm a movie so she's your favorite because she's been so absent works and I love I really love chloe so the Brits do it for me the Brits and the Irish do it for me. Sorry Irish Danny Ireland's not in the UK. Oh my goodness Mike can't believe you exposed yourself like that they are Anglo. I would say angles but that's or stops pretty well lump them in my goodness while. I talked about who I hate yet. Oh who do you hate? What really hated Matt? When I came in then came in and I hate it anymore. I I almost forgot about how much I hated that so hated by so much. Yeah Yeah and he was so glad that I couldn't bring myself to hate her because she just didn't you were interesting. Is there a little bit of like acrimony there because she has not only the same name as you but the exact same I love? I love seeing my name. Spelled correctly represented because it happened so so infrequently even in my own birthday cards for.

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