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I started doing chrome Goggin confined gloves. Joan europe. All right, Thursday night for dinner it is. I'll tell the kids. All right. Bye. Bye. That's a high point of action for the take. I wanna play the original live action version of the show is well, this was short lived in ran on, on FOX in two thousand and one and the lead on that was Patrick Warburton, one of the I mean, you couldn't you couldn't find a performer. I love more than Patrick Warburton. And so, basically, the tick is gonna prank call the bad guy who's the terror? Yeah. His name is Tara, but it's two thousand and one so there's caller ID, and so the terror can see who's calling, and then tracks them down bunch to Arthur, chagrin. There. You are hiding underground plucking the strings of your dark web of fear like a spidery. Herp. Tear, you face the his fearless site kick. Arthur, we'll put an end ear reign of. Your reign of just took my drowsy. He will never sleeps, Mr Lee on one hundred twelve years old. I'm done Fernado off quit ler. Talk to me that can't quit ler under tear lewd. Gas mention my name, but he'll protect my on that. Right. You big weenie. These amazing. What's, what's Russia about Warburton? That is also what's special about Serafinowicz. Who's, you know, a man of thousand voices is, is, this instrument and is also true of Adam west is like this instrument is so absurd. But in imbued with such sincerity. Yes. Like, if you think of potty on Seinfeld, or Johnny Johnson on NewsRadio whatever Patrick Warburton character is your favorite, the narrator of California adventure of flying over California. Whatever that, right? It's like there is this inherent absurdity to it. And he knows where the jokes are nails them. But there is also like such a deep real sweet sincerity to it. Yes. Yeah. And, and something weirdly comforting in them. I mean I. Think the ticket, especially this most recent version the Amazon version happens to also just be an examination of gender as it turns out, and it started the first season, the first gender to look at in superhero is male and from Adam west to Patrick Warburton to Peterson finales. They all command the booming voice of authority. They could all do movie Taylor, voices all day, if they wanted, right? And that's a certain that's the sound of institutional authority, culturally, speaking, like for whatever reason. That's what it's male voice. It's commanding booms, and it has almost a dad like thority. But I feel like I really love these different guys. We're talking about, including towns, and Coleman who did the voice of the original on the. Cartoon there's like a door in the back of that. And all this like, like you're saying this kind of sweet sincerity and love and a little bit of vulnerability is able to come up through that. And that place is just really interesting to me that, like it's a character that could wear many different lake Dudley. Do. Right. Is basically the same thing. You know, he just doesn't realize it even more with Ben edlund still to come. Don't go anywhere. Bensman working with the tick for thirty years has worked on a bunch of other shows and movies during that time to how his relationship with this character. He created thirty years ago changed over the decades. The answer after the break, it's suppose for maximum fun dot org and NPR..

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