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Lay next to a star is born every night. I am lady gaga okay. Actually it's really depressing and is very controversial. Some people hated it. I thought it was brilliant. The song i don't know why he had the name of the song right now. All the french people kept requesting it. They're like us sada's bone a star is born. They get screaming it so then because their french they all smoke so they all broke out. There lighters in unison. We were at a private concert. Yeah so these are very she. She plunged people. These are all frenchmen in tuxedos because they come from some fanciest fuck wedding or something. Yeah and they are just hammered. Smoke cigs with peon of player singing. I'ma must did deep-end hutches david. No i'm gonna get german very quickly but you understand what i'm saying you understand it was. That's where we were at the level. We were at last night. And i was just like i don't wanna be anywhere but here right now with my husband. Who is texting his boys back in the states. About the penn state game. You know it was an hour until kick off and we were all very amped. But i was thoroughly enjoying such a special moment with you and are drunk french friends. Can we talk about our american friends that we found right next us as well yet. They're amazing we're not going to say their names because they're privately vacation but shadow to our friends from connecticut that we met. Oh my were awesome. What a great story they have yet the great story just cool people. You know who you are. I know your private people so we'll keep it low key but fantastic. So can we just touch real quick on on their awesome adventure so during cova did they know. Let's not jeff. Let's out their private people. Let's not talk about it. They didn't know. I love you but they don't wanna talk about it. You see when you were checking the the the pre-game scores. She and i were talking about their family and not. Everybody likes to talk about their families. Know jeff. it's it's done. i apologize. I was just going to not used to not be as open as we are so some people don't talk about the fact that they have a nickname for the time they quipped one time in front of their house. Yeah some people don't do that. Who does that we do. Y i don't fucking know my manager. Maggie has already said heather. You're too accessible to people and one day day will murder you. one day. I will be selena. Most it'll raymond it'll be raymond who selena's me and he's going to say that's a hate crime. I'm not saying it's crazy. Gaslight you and say that you did it yes he ray will murder me even though we're best friends and he will somehow gaslight me because he is a pillar of the community and say the pillar multiple community hiller of multiple communities and he will say that i am the reason. Why like he'll be like she forced me to do it. Or some bullshit and then he will then use jeff's name to go restaurant reservation somewhere fancy maybe at the chipper yanni's on wall street. He will walk in the way mr daniels. We were expecting you and baked. Thank you thank you so much. And that's when hill. Ben years later feel bad and right version of candle in the wind for me but it won't be a candle in the wind. It'll be a piece of cheese in the fridge or something. You know what i mean. That's what it is. What do you think was that. A factor no for me. Because i like cheese. Why don't know. Jeff you've been so fucking anal retentive about me knocking your nikes okay. Side note marital spat my thorn. I haven't even said my rose my thorn of the trip how does really leading with negativity. My thorn of the trip has been you obnoxiously in your white nikes. That are monogrammed on the back. He man spreads so that his feet are touching my feet on the train. And then when i move my feet i gently brush. My nikes across his made a scuff mark. And now. he's been calling me. Wisconsin cheddar for the whole fucking trip. You love the heat on these feet with these custom. Air force ones. That i have and they are fantastic. And they are fresh and your big blocks of wisconsin. Sharp cheddar keep finding a way to kind of scuff these shoes in all sorts of different scenarios. My son is probably twice the size of yours. But i have not once once invaded your personal feet space and scuffed your did you say he'd of defeat heat on the feet fire. You know what. I'm done so this is where i say. I quit heat on the feet. I'm done i'm done. I love you. I don't think we need to plan this party. Because that's the dushi is thing i've ever heard you see this thing on her fingers. Yeah what about your locked. In for life i am. Unfortunately it's really. I would lose money if we we broke up. No i love you today. A financial decision to now stay with each other for the next sixty years i get it i get it when you know you have your friend you have your friend is let's just say brittany and britney's parents. They should have divorced a long time ago. But then you realize it's too expensive for them to divorce. That's where we're at you know. And i'm financially locked in invested. But i do love him. You are the best. But i will fuck up your nikes and i don't give his shit. Don't call me wisconsin jeter. Those things tried their sharp also side. Note just wanna let you know if you wanna get some shoes in italy and you do have a wide foot. It's not an option so just don't be alarmed if you go into a sandal shop and you take off your sneaker and the entire staff scream. Why why why. Why then. that's the thing. They just constantly say why. Okay thank you okay. So but why are okay is actually not a positive thing. Maybe you come back tomorrow for be smaller. Yeah and then you're like no my foot won't be smaller and they're like google go kill yourself and you're like that's what i thought so. Just want you to know great things about italy. Great things about italy. The food the people the kindness the architecture the art. You're loving husband. My loving husband not great things no wide feet. You're loving husband. Yeah you also my loving husband. And i i shot george clooney. I would really appreciate of his people called my people so we could. They could get some spot. We can read some respect on your name via george clooney. That would be great. That would be great all right. This is the end of the podcast. I love you. I mean it as always you can hit the hotline eight hundred two and three seven five zero three. We'll be back with voicemail soon. Thanks for tuning. In in the meantime between time cheech thanks so much for listening to today's episode. 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