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That's one way you go with who's next as far as you know wearing that brand like you know what ricky fowler is also made puma start to be cool again because ricky ricky fowler was one of those guys that is not just a golf guy right you see him on all of these ads and and doing other things and he was bmx cyclist whatnot to that younger generation rickie fowler is not just a golfer but he's one of those cool type guys and he rocks puma and you see you know my daughter's twelve about to be a teenager and i see a lot more kids now wearing puma shorts the shirts because of guys like rickie fowler you don't see any of them wearing the kicks outside of the low cut like the it would be the adidas gazelle fraser the part of it that's what adidas did with those gazelles dan smith retro the tolls you're seeing yeah you'll see the young kids wearing those but a lot of them wearing the puma shirts and shorts because of guys like ricky this deal is brilliant in my opinion by puma one you're getting i mean i pulled up the rock nation client list right now boy it's like a who's who good gosh i mean just basketball man willie collie stein is a is a rock nation guy.

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