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Appropriations committee was able to do with once before President Trump shut down the government. Can I believe they can do it again up to three hundred people are missing and feared dead after a dam collapse mining complex in Brazil, more from the BBC's? Julia. See of slide swept through agreeing rural area near the city of Burma Gina swallowing everything in its track. It was a regular weekday with over four hundred workers busy at the local valley headquarters. Many having lunch in the cafeteria which was buried the government has set up a crisis cabinet and firefighters will continue rescue operations today. Venezuelans political showdown moved to the United Nations today. A Security Council meeting called by the United States will pit backers President Nicolas Maduro against the Trump administration and supporters of the country's self-declared. Interim leader Juan Godot the Associated Press has found that the watchdogs have become the targets in the intrigue surrounding the death of Washington Post journalist, Jamal kashogi twice in the past two months, men masquerading as socially conscious investors have Lord members of citizens lab, two meetings for hours of questioning about their work, exposing Isreaeli surveillance. The researchers are the ones who reported the role of. Israeli spyware in the targeting of a kashogi inner circle Super Bowl TV ratings, maybe lower in one devastated city, CBS news. Correspondent Pam Coulter. Reports New Orleans residents are finding a tough to put the saints controversial playoff loss behind a bakeries come up with a sweet protest making thousands of cookies with a picture of a referee with a red circle and slash over him. The owner of a locksmith company put up posters criticizing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and perhaps most appropriate for the city a business owner created t shirts, featuring a referee voodoo doll with pin sticking out of it. Other saints fans planned to boycott the Super Bowl a week from Sunday. Pam Coulter CBS news, the timber wolves couldn't climb out of a twenty three point whole last night and lost at Utah. One zero six to one zero two was hurt here on WCTC. Oh, interim head coach Ryan Saunders. I'd like to say this is who we are moving.

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