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An analysis of town hall that calm Former major league baseball player and manager Bobby Valentine is taking a swing at politics now is running for mayor of his Connecticut hometown. The 70 year old Valentine, who currently serves as the athletic director at Sacred Heart University, posted a video on social media that said he'll run as an independent candidate and Stanford. It was drafted in 1968 by the Los Angeles Dodgers and played in the major leagues from 1969 to 1979, where he was a lifetime to 60 hitter. Became manager of the Texas Rangers in 1985, and also skippered the New York Mets in Boston Red Sox, in addition to spending time in Japan, winning a Japan serious title in 2005 with the Chiba Lotte Marines Tony Bennett reporting, fans of Aaron level won't have many opportunities to hear him live from now on the Little Day R and B singer his officially retiring from touring on a post on his official website and social media, Nevel says the idea of touring is no longer Appealing to him. He is 80 years old. More on these stories, a town hall dot com. Cool. The quiet That's the way our weather is looking the next several days, the rest your mother's day It's going to stay overcast, but the weather does stay dry highs in the mid sixties, Mainly cloudy Tonight alone, the upper fifties and Monday early clouds, too partial sun later in the day, a small chance of a shower, maybe a couple degrees warmer. It's a little breezy to Monday highs in the mid to upper sixties Tuesday, a few clouds still are running a little on the cool side eyes up in the mid sixties. My meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux, from the Weather Channel for talk radio 6 80 Wcbm. I struggled with symptoms like frequent gas and stomach pain. For years, I was bloated all the time with daily diarrhea. At first I thought it was what I was eating. I have thinking it was stomach issues. So I did my research and talk to my doctor and we finally uncovered the truth. It was actually e p I x a Quran pancreatic insufficiency, or e p..

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