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Vehicle and there is some merit to that so i'm trying to think of mine minivan and granted that's supposed to hold old centenary people i've got one two three four five six seven eight nine to limit twat twelve i think uh cup holders uh which which can't all conceivably possibly ever be used to hold cops bottles right we we put more stuff in there americans do absolutely yeah i mean you know oftentimes they're just used a store an empty but you know they're quite typically used to hold spare change i interviewed one mother who says she loves him because you can stuff crayons and even french fries in there so it's it's a nice handy place some problem is oftentimes cleaning them they're not necessarily uh the the cleanest places in the world and and getting down in there to clean up other gupta is the frustration that i heard many parents uh tell me the and i will echo that one myself just throw a little personal a bias in here um talked me for saying about selfdriving cars and what that will mean four cup holders because i hadn't really thought this one through the point about selfdriving is that it to freeze you up to do many more things in a car our while you're commuting or or taking a crosscountry trip i was at a conference earlier this year about a futuristic vehicle interiors and there was a gm technician who said that one thing they're looking into now was selfcleaning cupholders bullied i'll really oh that'd be amazing and that's more for the rideshare vehicle on a you hear a lot about you know the taxis of the future it obviously if it's your own family it's one thing if it's a stranger who spills they're big gulpur slurpee um you're going to want their cleaned up for the next passenger gallison is are these a cup holders are they selling points for automakers yeah i mean the kind of a quiet selling point of volkswagen on debuted its new atlas suv last year and was quite proud of the fact that it had 17 cup holders i'll only be outdone a few months later by subaru with nineteen which is we believe uh the current record that perhaps not for too much longer that's just an invitation to get the inside of your car all all dirtied up it is kind of amazing um it was explained to me that.

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