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About a hell of a bob dudek shelf sad that dama steel cage cajun add table and i'll tell you why and how that bump could have been better in the podcast or been a little bit easier on him when he put it that way that was a tough landing any way you slice it but i disagree data office another you know what got some cool guests coming up later on as we can now talk about them at the back in a gas but this is abide gas were like i said i'm laid out a soundtrack telling you what's going through my mind what's going on in ring all i'll turn the of volume up on the speaker singularly announcers do their thing once again a shout out to the one and only jerry the king lawler and michael coal i thought this one of the best matches ever called and make a lot of good ones hours like nobody jars out there but man the king and michael co crush this with the way they set up how heavy duty the angle was the hate between metric man towards stonecold and vice versa towards mr mcmahon and the stakes at were if i wanted to shove that title i i put my title online your two to get a shot at the title fisherman had eliminated me from the royal rumble the previous month whatever it was and he forfeited his spot so we did little skewed over sean michaels house and you watch in your list do the video baggage as i set this up and i let the angle kind of play to the speakers if you get a chance to watch this a wrestling match on the wsb network i give you a time code and we stick with real time all the way through as i talk you through this saying and i'll turn speakers up and then i'll start commentating over the speakers and turn them back now but she'd gone rodman if you're driving to work it doesn't matter ain't got to see the match on your table was going on and you can listen to the action but ob unclear did this package on air the video package that they play for all the big made events or all the matches really but more sorta main events badghis gonna set the tone and a vibe that was going on right back.

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