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This is. The only sports talk show that features a rhode scholar. But he ain't here today now. Back to rick tittle tittle. What is going on great to have you with us. Those wrap up these teams here with these non tenure decisions have to do the biggest story in baseball when it comes to non tenders minnesota twins who will not tender eddie. Sorry sorry i was going to make about ten million ann arbor this guy. Ninety six home runs last four years. That's top thirty in baseball. The problem is he doesn't do anything else doesn't get on base. Can't run is defense is a liability. Twins have alex cure olov who is. Mlb ready remember. They thought so much care off that his major league debut was game to wildcard series. So he's just going to step in and that money that they're gonna save is going to go towards pitching happens. They're the mets. The mets have thirteen arbitration layers. Right now and you could say maybe only one or two is on the fence. I mean i would think year mo- heredia the outfielder. They don't need him. What about steven mats mats. I mean this guy was their top prospect. It'd be thought he'd be the as he'd be as good as degrom and syndergaard rejected to make little over five mil next year. But he allowed thirty three runs in thirty innings. And he's a guy who averages thirty starts a year you could say. He's the only guy in the mets that you can rely upon on whom you can rely. But i think with new york and the money they have. It would be stupid to cut him loose across the east river there. You got gary sanchez. Actually i should say up in the bronx not going to manhattan up in the bronx. They're still on long island. Technically gary sanchez. Talk about a bargain at five. And a half mil but there were some people who thought gary sanchez was the worst player in baseball last year. Worst player in baseball. But here's the thing. He wasn't the worst player in baseball. And the yankees. Don't have a lot of depth behind the plate. He's only twenty seven years old a year ago. He was an all star. Hit thirty four home runs so first of all. You're the yankees. You don't non tender guy five and a half million. How much you pay at your dinners stupid. So with the as their non tender candidates were pinder and camp. They've signed both of those guys. The fills velazquez for a million are days. You watch vince velazquez. It's and you wonder how anyone could have ever gotten a hit off them and then you wonder how he got a rookie ball. Talk about a feast or famine guy but still last two years with the er a over five. You could be a guy actor. Nearest had a seven million dollar option. And that's already been declined right there. So maybe the phillies trying. Save a little dasche there to the pirates. They don't have. I mean look they. They're so young. Maybe their biggest non tender guy colin moran play. I does he play outfield. he wouldn't even make two million in our so. I mean thing about moran is you could say he was their best hitter until they called up to bryan hayes. But it's berg has younger players who need at first base like josh bell or third base. Like hey are left field by brian reynolds. That's where moran plays so. I dunno bell backward. That had adam frazier but that's a decision for them. Cardinals don't have anybody. I mean coleman wong at a twelve and a half million dollar option which i thought was reasonable for what he brings air decline that they don't have any non tender candidate other than a guy named john brennan via a right handed pitcher. Who's gonna make eight hundred k the padres tommy. Fam- eight million projected non tendering him would have been unthinkable even after this down season and sam got stabbed and an altercation in october and it was called catastrophic injuries that will cause significant economic damage. And he's on the road to recovery apparently but that's One of those things where it's a really sad story. I'm getting stabbed at a the way. He sued the strip club in which he was stabbed. He was apparently trapped in the club. And that the employees didn't even call the cops. It's it's an ugly story the The giants last offseason signed anderson one day literally one day after he was non tendered by the rockies and he turned in okay season after coming back from From knee surgery. But he's gonna make maybe about four million and do they want to gamble on that. Other guys they could let go daniel robertson. They acquired league former as us back and raise player for got as well. I'm sure a lot of giants fans would like to drive. Trevor got to the airport to the cal. Train station was closer than cal. Trans lackluster mariners. Catcher tom murphy. Who cares. But i mean if you think about like j p crawford arbitration eligible. He's coming back. He won the gold glove at short. Mitch haniger got. Mvp votes was an all star. They're going to be tendered contracts. We know that even though the guy always gets floated and trade talks for some reason or another arrays with ji mon choi he still only make about a million and a half. They've already cut hunter. Renfrow a trade didn't really well. I mean at times it worked out but in the long run no that was for four million dollar option. We know that money might be a little tight down there as it always is. They walked away from charlie. Morton's option is now with the bravo's on fifteen mill rangers any santana a utility guy. Twenty eight home runs and twenty nine thousand nine this last year. He at one forty five. I don't know they think maybe income back at a lower salary guys. They'll keep around joey gallo. Isaiah kinda falesa rafael montero. They'll definitely keep those guys around blue jays. Travis shaw or and a half mil. They took a one year flyer on him. Didn't really work out. They're not trying to get guys. Like george springer and other big time candidates Up there in toronto see and they talked about making some splashes and then with the The nats who are no longer world series. Champion joe ross. Former bishop outta high school round. Pick of san diego probably let him walk. Even though i mean what's he gonna make a million and a half an arm the other guys. I have a feeling we'll get tender though it'd be want soto and trai turner.

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