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Art our cough patterns seven three three three seven now news on central south dakota's news leader twelve forty casey cr lynn those kcna resign kevin larson all of attention across the state currently as focused on the drought in the farm economy agriculture as a major contributor to southfield sakata mean generating twenty five point six billion dollars in annual economic activity congressional candidate dusty johnson says south dakota's delegation in dc disagrees on a lot of things but the one thing they do agree upon is south the girls and ranch community and frankly pro bipartisan perspective we always have bad when senators johnson daschle were there they also were a turn to what was going on an egg you have to be of an egg is our number one economy it's something that absolutely al ripples through every single main street in this state and yes i think our delegation has been doing a good job of keeping their thumb on of the pulse what scott southie the farm bureau president scott vander wal told the house ways and means subcommittee on tax policy us last week lance farm in ranch families need a permanent tax code that boost the agriculture all economy and freeze them to reinvest in their business van are all travel the dc last week and said farming is challenging under the past circumstances worth the uncontrollable weather disease outbreaks an unpredictable markets nationwide net farm income has been cut nearly in half since 2011 lease out.

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