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And your finance takes both that means that risky as it's simply come less attractive And that's exactly what the fed wants to achieve Again they would like to limit risk-taking and financial markets and would like to cool the economy and limit risk-taking in the economy And that's the delicate balance that they fit is trying to go through here as we look ahead over the next few quarters Yeah exactly a challenging year in 2022 for the fed Torsten really appreciate having you back with us That's torsten slock He's chief economist at Apollo Coming up a look at what's to come on a snowy Capitol Hill from build back better devoting rights This is bounce of power on Bloomberg television and radio Your first all right we're at home with Claire who is warming up for a bit of boxer's eyes Yep she's welcomed in the new year with a fancy new workout setup Look at that branded punch back with matching gloves And a gorgeous coordinated Apple leisure So coordinated She is working out and working it well with prices this good I'm designer workout gear How couldn't she Wow She's back on the sofa With her feet in an excellently bright football Iconic Get those toes to Marshall's fabulous brands Feel good prices at Marshalls In depth look at global market and business news We have one big item of corporate news to tell you about this morning Garrett Moscow The global equity sell off continues Nathan heger the labor shortage appears to be getting worse Bloomberg daybreak For many of this ongoing dead ceiling debate as nothing more than political fodder The news this.

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