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And a football we've looked forward to in this state for a while. Well, listen, going after recruits, it's all a matter of perception. I've heard he's a great recruiter. And it's not who you go after. It's what you bring in. Right. So again, I mean, he was hired for a reason. He was hired because he's an up and coming coach. He's got a lot of energy and he's got a commitment to recruiting. Dan mellin told me the other day when we were together in Atlanta that the perception about his recruiting, it was a little bit overblown. Now he helped create that misperception or perception, but ultimately he was a top ten recruiter, but to be successful at Florida, you better be higher than that. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it. Let's check in with Ryan in Oklahoma. Hello, Ryan. Howdy Paul, how you doing? Hey. So I'll just check out the OU football Twitter and they have hired a defensive coordinator is the defense coordinator who was at Vanderbilt last year. Ted roof. And I don't know anything about this guy. It looks like he was terrible at duke. And they went oh and on. He was defense coordinator at Vanderbilt and he's been an analyst at Clemson. I'm trying to get some more information. I remember Ted Ruth was I think he was at auburn once. He is a longtime veteran defensive coordinator. He's been a lot of places. And when I encountered him years ago, he had a good reputation. I mean, you're not going to have a good reputation being the defensive coordinator at Vanderbilt in recent years. So don't hold that against him. I'll see if I get you a little bit more. But I do know he has a good rap. And certainly, remember, when Brent venables is hiring a defensive coordinator, it's probably not the most critical position considering what his skill set is. We'll take a break, Billy Napier joining us.

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