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Stream it live or on demand monday cbs presents a new comedy that asked the question can you ever limb to close to europe perry needs face first i don't like your child yes yes you can be waiting twelve years futile luke that we must establish some growls i understand but no mug feuerstein gold and linda laven star hallands daughter martha is by bomb what you get the first one now it's my turn akel series premier monday only cbs now kmox sports from the new mold bmw toyota's sports desk on tom ackerman comical and the former cardinal is with us the inside pit sponsored by an illinois a lot to get to from last night let's start with a serious stuff and that is that yati are molina was hit twice by foul tips and they were hard is jim eh edmonds describe it's like a firework going off your head the the noise of each one of those seriously injured is hit in the head is no joke he goes through concussion protocol taken out of the game kyle and if indeed he has a concussion we should be seeing him again in spring training yeah that was really tough to uae if you could just call it in a got here without you know going down to it and he was really struggle on a second one and it just got a or flush so unfortunately have come out of the game and hopefully he's at be on okay today and not be foggy and uh they're going to get a crack catching protocol and and get him straight out but certainly if he he understands that that's what added his career take it also fits the eight concussion but he had so uh obviously i gotta be very very careful as yati right now i felt pretty good about luke weaver going into the game but the cubs and he was so close to his one strike away from getting out of a jam but addison russell hits that one down the line clears the bases and the rout was on from there michael beck a good team to do they take advantage.

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