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Four seven thirty three forty three years your he called I want to go to investors said John Gary Kaltbaum you're mostly thanks to being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening it is Friday April third now I must tell you right off the get go I love the work that I do I don't consider it work I consider myself lucky are you know where we stood on this all the way down I can't imagine being fully invested in this but I must tell you I can't wait for the day to be over I can't wait for the weekend where I don't have to see the markets look at any movement in the box of course that's what we cover here but first Hey I'm Gary Kaltbaum diss investors edge this is serious talk about you and your Buck goes with all points in between them I usually say well with a little comedy injected I am not so sure we have any comedy that we can add to anything that's going on out there but we try yeah that's just the sarcastic me thanks for being here as you know we pre taped the show in the one PM our little later today because I have a little TV so it's all about one thirty PM eastern time we been starting about ones will take you a little bit farther along today yesterday the market ended up nicely up four hundred we just let you know before we even get to market wrap we've given it all back today I must tell you I woke up this morning because no looks at me and I flip the coin the queen said we'd be up four hundred thirty the queen was wrong no that's not how I do things but for the day I did as I said we're dead serious about this especially like current times like this we know how important it is to not the markets the markets what's going on in the world and we think we've had a good pulse on it but not not with the the virus we have no frigging idea of how that plays out but the everything else we've been telling you when guiding him on the economy and and it wasn't no big trek to tell you that the economy was gonna fall off a cliff we wish we had better news but one three point nine billion people half the world's population are basically in restriction or shut down what made the day that the stay home I'm not good things happen three point nine billion people estimates most of this country you know we try to localize a little bit here even though we're worldwide show but just to give you an understanding because Orlando is a tourism hub one of the tourism hubs around the world seventy five million people come into central Florida this forget the rest of Florida for second seventy five million people many internationally com for central Florida the spend box and not just Disney and universal and SeaWorld and Legoland and Gator land but the outlet malls and the international drive dotted with all kinds of all businesses and restaurants after restaurants if the restaurants here on international drive and sand Lake Road seventy five million people as of right now ain't nobody coming in brings in seventy five billion of economic activity ain't happening supports five hundred thousand plus jobs just here not happening and then everywhere else times buying multiplying by numbers that we can't figure it out and we're not saying this in a bad way it is self inflicted we have been told that we have to do this because of a virus this is not like the economies of the world all of a sudden went into the Crapper and I know there've been people out there that telling you this was gonna happen complete No Way listen we are the ones I've been telling you that the debt and deficits will eventually hurt things they just waiting things right now and we'll do that another day my biggest worry right now is how long is this going to take you know they're telling us end of April I don't think I don't see that they've given out money it looks like for two to four months after four months I got news for you this crap better be gone people I better get back to work it's not a reach to say the pressure and we don't want to depress you here but we deal in reality and facts and of course depression and recession are defined by whether you have a do you have a job and whether you are making money and whether you are self sufficient financially so I want to fell trees and Berks very closely and doctor found she last night so we should the whole nation should be shut down but we're not set to get past this faster just shut down the whole nation and I thought he was about to say shut down the Blankety blank nation the scene PO but anyway it is what it is that's what we deal with they finally got a little bit tougher here in Florida the governor finally realize through there's too many people on the beach spring breakers daw but I'm watching every other country out there I'm well I'm watching the hot spots I'd love to say I trust China that the flat line I'm not so sure I trust it but we get what we get and as I speak right now we're at one million fifty six thousand seven hundred and seventy seven let me repeat that's worldwide the swine flu just in the United States was fifty seven to sixty million people the United States two hundred fifty seven thousand seven hundred and seventy three people have that in the United States as of now sixty six hundred and five deaths they are telling us they've told us they think between a hundred and two hundred and forty thousand there's been some push back on it and I'm wondering if they given though the worst worst worst worst case scenario but I have news for you if you know one person that passed away it is already the worst worst worst case scenario and we get that New York City remains a hotbed density urban areas without a doubt so there's not much we can do except keep keep our fingers crossed do the right thing for our ourselves and our neighbors.

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