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States has hit a daily record of Corona virus cases with more than 83,000 reported infections and hospitals in a number of states where the pandemic once seemed remote now say they're running out of space. We got more from AP correspondent Ben Thomas after hitting a state record for Kovac 19 cases. Utah governor Gary Herbert is warning state residents unless they take serious steps to limit group gatherings and wear masks. Healthcare providers will be unable to properly care for all their patients. The US search mirrors a similarly white Bread spike in Europe. Does Maria Van Kirk off? We're in the autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. The influenza season is just about to begin. And so the demand for testing for people with respiratory diseases will increase the demand for hospital needs for people who are sick will increase in Twin Falls, Idaho ST. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center says it's overwhelmed with Corona virus patients. And except for newborns, all patients under age 18 will now be sent to Boise, some 128 miles away. I'm Ben Thomas Maier. Lightfoot's reacting the word from Dr Anthony Fauci. The president hasn't personally attended a meeting of the White House Corona virus Taskforce in month. Like for telling MSNBC she still meets with her top health officials everyday We're seeing country this thing is literally taking twisting terms also daily basis and you were exactly you're not said vice President Mike Pence, regularly attends those meetings but felt she admitted that he doesn't have the president's ear like he did early on in the pandemic. Wisconsin appeals court has put a hold on Governor Tony Evers restrictions on indoor public gatherings. Evers administration issued the order October 6 limiting indoor public gatherings across the state to 25% of the buildings, capacity or 10. People in places without an occupancy limit. The tavern League of Wisconsin immediately challenged the order in court. 10 days before the election President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are making the rounds in key battleground states. Speaking at a rally in Lumberton, North Carolina, a day after the U. S, set a single day record of more than 83,000 Corona virus infections, President Trump says the caseload is high because of the amount of testing being done gives the fake news media Something to talk about. So they say cases are up in the states. That's because we just addressing supporters in Bristol, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden says Friday's record number of Kobe 19 infections contradicts what the president has been saying at the debate on Thursday night. Donald Trump stand is still saying We're rounding the corner, Biden says. Trump cares more about the stock market, then the American people while Trump says a Biden presidency with delay the development of a covert 19 vaccine. I'm my camping more than a million Indiana voters requested early balance record number but still lower than officials initially projected. Thursday was the deadline for requesting a ballot. Officials were expecting 10 times more mail in ballots for this fall's election than four years ago, expecting that some 1.3 million to 1.8 million ballots would be mailed. In a rare weekend session. The Senate's taking up confirmation of Amy Koenig barrettes appointment to the Supreme Court. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the judge's qualifications are unassailable. Judge is one of the most brilliant Admired. An impressive nominated for any public office. In a generation. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused Republicans of being hypocrites by pushing Cockney barrettes nomination after refusing to consider Merrick Garland's under former president Barack Obama distorted Warped history lesson. Will not remove the stain. Only one thing will leader McConnell. Withdraw the nomination of Amy Cockney Barrett till after the election. An Hispanic Waukegan police officer has been fired after shooting and killing a black 19 year old man, wounding his black 20 year old girlfriend happened late Tuesday more from W. G. M's victor on the FBI has joined the investigation along with Illinois State police once it's complete, the use of force case will then be turned over to the Lake County, Illinois state's attorney's office for Review. Waukegan Police chief Wayne Wall says they terminated the officer for what he called multiple policy and procedure violations. They have not yet released the officer's identity, Marcellus Was killed. Two Fara Williams remains hospitalized. VON W. G..

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