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Their two daughters was gonna stay behind with her aunt. Yeah exactly what happened. Happened with Bob and Rita when they had to be separated from their parents. It sucks. It's yeah yeah yeah so she she couldn't be with our Kids Zeki or she did take ziggy actually to Delaware he was young. So Bob and the girls were supposed to come later so immediately started working as a nurse when she got to Wilmington. Yes okay but that wasn't enough to pay the bills so she also did housework until she got a job Bob as a live in nurse slash housekeeper for this rich Old Lady. Unfortunately dreams of Bob joining her were dashed when Bob received a draft notice. So because has he had taken out citizenship papers few years before the. US like they wanted him in the military. and Bob wasn't up for that. So the idea of him joining wing her was squashed. Oh my God yeah besides that Baba's desperately wanting to pursue his dreams. Rita says he was writing songs constantly. Really he was writing about her two songs like talking blues. My baby is gone. Baby come on home all those kind of written in that period so as the months when on Rita came closer to her due date and she had never felt more alone. She's out there with Bob's family who are nice. But but it's still like in-laws the distance between her Imbaba's really killing her and affecting their relationship for the first time she was really sensing no optimism for their our future. You know she had a good relationship with his parents but they were kind of old school and she felt that she was being taken advantage of at times. It wasn't an equal partnership. Let's put it that way. So this is a really depressing period for her. She really worked hard until her baby was due and their second son Steven was born April Twentieth Nineteen Seventy-two you right away. She began writing home trying to figure out how to go back there but newsroom. There is also troubling. She learned her from her aunt. That things with Bob weren't so oh good Baba's delivering with the girls. But her aunt said that they're a Nike. Wouldn't even show up. You know he wouldn't come home at all. Yeah one read. It did come home a few months later. She learned. Bob have been dating not WanNa to other women while she was away. Apparently these relationships had actually began begun before Rita laughed. Because guess what but both of those women were pregnant. Oh my goodness clearly bob has like super sperm. So Rita had their son. In April a woman in Pat Williams and Janey hunt had two more boys of Bob's in May -Kay in the book. Rita says I was very upset to learn about all of this though it's common in Jamaica but since then I've come to love both of these boys to think of them as my son wicked cool. Yeah so Rita's on the fence here about like. Should I step away from Bob. Like I'm hurting a lot over this. Do we have a future as a couple you know. Their finances says are up in the air. This is what Rita says in the book. Even though I was in so much pain I did not want to lose my husband I asked myself. Can I hold out I. I knew he loved the kids as much as I did but he was distracted. Because of the pressures there is just too much. Mix up where there's weakness. I have to be strong. I thought strong for the kids. Even if I'm angry as hell Bob I have to be strong for him. I felt I had to take the lead and that we had to try to be friends because we were partners. Now we we're forever connected. We are family. Yeah that sounds that sounds about right. Yeah that like from what I've learned learned about her so far and just I guess how women deal with these kinds of situations in general kind of a little bit of self preservation as well to take that step. Sure for sure and you. You're going to remember reading twenty-five dealing with all this right. She's got what four kids no money. Poor she feels like she has to stick it out. What other option option? Is there really right. So also if she's kind of intuit Ding Bob still having any kind of success. Then yeah you know you don't don't WanNa. Some good news was on the Horizon Bob. Man Named Chris Blackwell. He was the owner of island records. Chris Chris saw that there is talent there and want to try to help him so he gave the whaler some money to go into the studio and put together an album. A deal was finally incite. Blackwell Blackwell have bought a big rundown house that had some acreage and some outbuildings setup and it became sort of hang out rehearsal space for all the musicians and after after the first release they arranged it so bob takeover the property and eventually own the entire piece of land so that was passed onto Bob as final payment payment for his share of the deal that the wheelers signed with island records off. So finally Bob had this house not only that it wasn't entrenched town but in a Kinda swanky area they never imagined being but Rita Foley really apprehensive about it though since it was more of a communal space and with the other whalers is there she says you know there was always girls there and things going on so she didn't really want her kids to be in that environment either so she cited. I'm GONNA hold back. I mean awaited out. I'm going to see how things go. But she would still go there like every day and hang out and everything so the whalers first album catcher fire was an instant hit and the beginning of have really incredible. Things toured England the states. They were opening for like slides family stone in Vegas in Jamaica. They were instant celebrities. Women began moving into the house. Like I said and Rita wasn't stupid. She knew what they wanted. They wanted. She so levelheaded about it though but she says I don't WanNa put put it entirely in a negative way since this opportunity made it possible for him to create what he did so like she knew I guess equal balance right. Good things is come not so good things well you know. He's lucky that he married somebody. So level headed chart and mature because like Yep if it would have been another woman with any kind of other temperament like he would have been in exactly exactly so yeah. Rita was going to the house like for every day. It was house on hope road. I'm going to call it. Hope road from now on so I wanted to make sure that was obvious. She says like Bob didn't even sleep there. There's some nights. He was going home to read a couple of nights a week. He would stay at the. Hope roadhouse or somewhere else other nights money started to roll in and Arita says that Bob was always very generous and always made sure that his family had everything they needed. Bob Kept trying to convince me to to move into the house but that there was little space on the promises that the family could have you know alone and as Rita puts it at this point though I wanted my independence. I wanted to leave if trench town. Yes but not at the expense of myself respect yet. Yeah so what did. She finally started looking for housing outside of her aunt's house. And outside of Bob's place for her and the kids. So Bob wasn't super keen on this but Bob screwing half the women in Jamaica and doesn't have a leg to stand on at this point so he agrees to give the money for her to find a new place so at this point Bob is with a woman named Esther Anderson who was a model in a photographer that I was working with the whalers. And I'm sorry right how she APP for Rita. That one's got hurt. Oh God yeah all of his women were just just unbelievable honestly you can find so many photos of him with other women to so. This woman was helping the record label and the label was using him for her and Bob's relationship as PR. Okay Yeah So. The home that Rita found for them was pretty awful at the time though it was hard to get to. It had no lights no water but that is how strongly lead reading wanted her independence and so on moving day. She stopped by hope road with the kids to kind kind of let bob no like okay. We're like we're moving now. This is where we're moving. And when she got there she ended up having a confrontation with Esther says that Esther answered the door. Baba's sleeping astro got mad at her and was like why are you here. The men sleep and obviously being the wife of the man readers like. Who Do you think you're talking to and Rita actually says that esther was yelling at her? Why don't you stop breathing? All you do is breed. Bob Needs a career. Let him have his life like all this shit before Bob. Bob Finally woke up hearing these women yelling and this all happened in front of the poor kids so rita was like really frazzled. Really upset she was. He's like I'm out of here and that night. She says that Bob actually came to the place and she actually really felt good about it even even again that the place wasn't great but she was like on her own. She was standing up for herself. It was like the first time she truly felt like an adult. They soon got utilities. They were the first in the neighborhood to get them. And that led to the whole community getting them so it was like a victory for ya. Rita's also standing up for her kids telling Bob exactly like what this is. What your family needs? And again he always provided there was never an argument over that and Baba's still paying attention. He would bring her gifts like fruit flowers chocolate. So this is where. It's kind of confusing. Because like it's like they still have a relationship. It's shifting into a different one but I think they were still like intimate sometimes TMZ but then not other times and she understood as she put it that these women were for a time and she was for a lifetime. That's how she she saw it. I think esther was the only one she ever had a confrontation with after that. She says that she made sure to not get in contact with any of them. and Bob made sure their paths wouldn't cross so out of respect to her like he wouldn't flaunt it in her face. Come will I guess something's she. She says it did still hurt at times. Other times their relationship would be going so well that she wouldn't even think about these other women so rita was really embracing her independence though. She put her kids in the school. She made the home. She planted a garden. She got her license which was like a huge deal for her over time. Touring Allot so rita and the kids. It wouldn't seem for a while but when he did come home he was always going over there. To visit them really describes these times as more friendship base. There were still kind of figuring out their new roles in each other's lives lives. Bob was of course seeing other women. But there's always affection between her and Bob I like that. Yeah sometimes physical sometimes not but one thing that continued their musical relationship and trusting. Yeah many times Bob will come to visit. They'd sing or compose together. Apparently Rita actually helped him write a lot of the songs back then and as the kids were going up it became obvious that they shared the talent and passion of the family. So both of them of course really encouraged their kids and they would put on little like Marley shows as they called them in the cellar for friends and family. So with Bob Away as much as he was reading to find other friends and Amusements Schmidt Emmanuel own own Stewart who was known as tacky he was Jamaican soccer star. They developed a close friendship. which did not please Bob which is interesting?.

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