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After 1 97 as you head toward powder Mill Road, it's not a crash. It's actually broken down Fire truck blocking the right lane with his hood up. Stay single file left in order to get by southbound on the BW Parkway as your head past 1 97 toward powder mill Road delays, of course, are extensive. As you approach 1 98 headed down toward the site past 1 97. No problems really on the Beltway as a troll roll through Montgomery or Prince George's County. You're just slow because it is raining out there, so please don't overdrive. The conditions interleukin. Add a loop as you make your way between silver Spring, But there's the also in college park as well as Of course, Landover. No problems on 50 as you make your way leaving, of course, the Beltway headed toward brute 331 eastbound 50. Still, some delays approaching Sandy Point State park across the eastbound side of the Bay Bridge, now, with three lanes west and two lanes in the eastbound direction. We did have the issue on 301. Dortmund after McKendry in Cedarville rose with the left lane getting by that crash scene traveling to 70 looking pretty good right now. As you make your way out of Clarksburg headed toward route 80 and Ban is still some slowdowns as you head toward the main Oxy River. Interleukin Virginia. Slow past Dulles Toll Road up to and across the American Legion Bridge. Traveling eastbound 66. You're on the brakes, leaving nothing. Street headed toward the Beltway. Traveling route seven Leesburg Pike eastbound there Carlin Springs Road. We had all lanes blocked for the crash. Traffic was being diverted onto Carlin Springs Road under police direction uncertain if that is still the case on the inner loop in Virginia, New problem being reported to us out of warp, Actually, after Braddock Road, we had the right shoulder block for the broken down vehicle that was in the left center lane now moved to the right shoulder South on I 95 the typical suspects leaving Lord toward 1 23. Then again, approaching Dale City north down, I 95 slowing. As your past acquired in separate stretches headed toward the Fairfax County Parkway. The good news is all lanes are reported to be available. The city of Fairfax bus system Q. Spelled C U E It's free. It could take you to the Vienna Metro George Mason University and points within the city of Fairfax. Hop on and take a cue. I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p. Traffic alright in some parts of the area, turning out to be an active afternoon in the Weather Department. Let's get more now from storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford. And good afternoon Mike. A flood warning continues for South eastern Fairfax County, the city of Alexandria.

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