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Baby NPR news quiz I'm Bill Curtis we're playing this week with monster brunning Alonzo Burton and Karen she and harrigan is your host a man who still hasn't seen the season premiere of Succession So please no spoilers Peter sagal Thank you Bill Right now it is time for the wait wait don't tell me bluff the listener game call One triple 8 wait wait to play a game in the air How your own way wait don't tell me Hey there Peter this is miles from Las Vegas Nevada Hey miles what do you do there in Vegas I'm a waiter at an upscaled French beach shop on the strip Oh that's cool And are people coming back to the strip Has business come back I mean it's not pre-pandemic but it's definitely coming back Really Really Do you ever pretend to have a French accent just to make the restaurant see more authentic All the time Nice Well there's two different types of French accents I do The over the top and the casual cougar Matteo miele as they call it cafe miles Brown or you know the over the top if you get some good yay up in here I feel bad for people listening to this show who have been to your restaurant and will now find out wait a minute he wasn't French Miles welcome to the show You're gonna play the game in which you have to tell truth from fiction Bill what is miles's topic I love gas Fossil fuels get a bad rap these days and not just because I think they murdered the dinosaurs I've always been unclear But this week we heard something that is sure to make fossil fuel fans very happy Our panelists are going to tell you all about that great news for fossil fuel fans Pick the one that's telling the truth you will win the weight waiter of your choice in your voicemail Ready to play Already All right let's do it miles First up let's hear from Alonzo bowden The environmentalists may have smoky bear in woodsy owl but the fossil fuel industry has weighing big text James the most famous elementary school teacher in north Texas Mister James who teaches fourth graders at Ross Perot junior primary school in highland park noted that the new Texas education bill HB three 9 two 9 requires teachers to teach both sides of every controversy So why not the controversy over burning fossil fuels If they can teach sunshine and windmills he told Judith Wales at a Dallas morning Herald then I can teach Roland Cole and burn and gas like God intended us to do Big Texas curriculum includes an emphasis on using cubic inches not leaders to measure engine displacement and he ends the unit by taking all 24 kids in his Hummer down the bill's wrecking yard to show him what real engines look like He then offered the morning news correspondent a ride in that very Hummer saying hey little lady you have a roll coal at a Tesla charging station Big techs who's introduced a pro fossil fuel curriculum into a Texas elementary school your next story of fossil fuel fun comes from Karen Chi The happiest place on earth will soon no longer be Disneyland and instead a 150,000 m² oil rig in the Arabian gulf That's right Saudi Arabia is converting a giant oil rig into a quote extreme park where visitors can ride roller coasters go bungee jumping and offshore drill to their hearts content This dystopian sounding tourist attraction will be called the rig instead of its alternative name 6 red flags It is also quote the world's first tourism destination inspired by offshore oil platforms and among its many attractions will be a hands on experience on how to destroy the local ecosystem There is no opening date yet because the developers are unfortunately waiting for sea levels to rise enough that it fills up their giant oil water slide The rig a brand new theme park built on an offshore oil rig off of Saudi Arabia your last story of good news for gas guzzlers comes from Maz Joe brani These past few years fossil fuels have gotten a bad rap So the folks at Shell oil have decided to win back some popular support by bringing entertainment to the masses Recently they reached out to the producers of the ice capades to create a traveling show that's fun for the whole family called oil on ice Oil on ice tells the story of a Shell oil executive who falls in love with a local girl when he moves to her remote village in Kazakhstan to drill a well But does the girl tell the handsome executive to stop taking their oil and risk losing the love of her life Or does she marry him and move back to Texas Well we won't spoil it for you But let's just say there's a happy ending For them and for our modern fossil field driven economy The show's director John Thompson was quoted as saying yes oil can be a divisive subject but when you put it on ice and add music whoo baby All right Here are your three choices of a really fun thing for people who really like their fuels From Alonso bowden a new both sides curriculum in Texas where they require those things now This focused on the glory of burning oil from Karen chee the rig a planned new excitement theme action park built on an offshore oil rig or from Mars oil on ice a fabulous skating show about the Romans and thrill of fossil fuel extraction which of these is happy news for fossil fuel fans I'm going to have to go with Alonzo story about the Texas teacher It just feels right for the day and age You're going to go with Alonso story of big techs from Ross Perot junior primary school who teaches his kids about how great fossil fuels are I know this tone of voice all too well My second choice is a Saudi Arabian oil rig It's Karen G story of the rig All right to bring you the correct answer we spoke to a reporter who is covering the real story It's called the rig and it's going to be located on an oil rig that's in the Arabian gulf That was Forbes senior reporter Jim Dobson talking about the rig the oil theme park congratulations miles Thank you so much for playing and I'll see you the next time I'm in Vegas Thank you.

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