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Junior. Still Echo today, and even if that dream has not been fulfilled, king remains a hero to many people around the world and hallmark of nonviolent activism. That said it is easy to forget that in the nineteen sixties in America. Dr. King was a deeply controversial figure to the FBI. He was not seen as an inspiration, but as a threat, the FBI. Surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King Junior is the subject of a fascinating new documentary screening as part of the Toronto. International Film Festival, it's called. FBI and it's directed by Sam Pollard you might recognize Sam Polish name from the PBS series eyes on the prize or his many collaborations with director. Spike. Lee Sam Pollard joins me from new. York. Good Morning Nice being here mess. Great to have you here. You begin this film with the march on Washington and the opening sequence ends just as Martin Luther King is About to his mouth and deliver that speech, tell me about about that opening and what you were thinking about an opening, the film our well, we felt that it was employing this sort of set the stage understanding. This was one of the most pivotal moments in Martin Luther King's life in the life trajectory of the country with the march on Washington nineteen, sixty, three and. With a Philip Randolph introducing him, which was a great way introducing weaker. Those perfect way to sort of get you right into the film and then sort of make the connection that he was also being surveilled by the FBI Jaeger Hoover, and then go right into a speech after the title sequence it is as I said in the introduction easy in some ways to forget. How king was seen in that time in the nineteen sixties because the march on Washington emerges as key moment in the struggle for civil rights. How did authorities see that March and see Martin Luther King? Well, the FBI data who were terrified you know they thought that he was one of the most dangerous negroes in if in America at that time and that what he was doing was going to change the whole fabric of American democracy. And so JAKE WHO'VE AND FBI Really really went to enemies. To figure out how to destroy Dr King's reputation I by connecting them to then possibly being a communist with his relationship with Stanley. The former communist, and then when that didn't take whole, they've realized that when they were recording and bugging his hotel room and his his the offices in the the the houses of. People who work with them like Clarence Williams..

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