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Be bicycles lamps that cetera et cetera they also have great food up in the yard and i think even have games for kids so it's gonna be awesome and we start this morning at eight am and they go only till three so come early for the cool weather and and even the air conditioning so mary's at mary's a good saleslady bob she's terrific she's trying to sell christmas ornaments in the summertime she knows it's going to be like ninety five degrees today and she's she hits at air conditioning twice she yes and you can also go down the street to the bean dinner and see the you mentioned the oddest smarts guy said they're gonna be there at the great car sales are so so you can come by and say hello to them but we are have we do have the best yard sale in the area so bring bring lots of money and lots of fun and then go get your beans at the being dinner and make sure you clean out the car before you get down there so you got ruined to put all your stuff oh that's a great all right eight two three today mary good luck to the event today thank you all right thanks all right let's let's move on here we got wendy wendy you're on six ten wtvn good morning hi this is the day that a lot of things are happening the behavioral health group gets outed into the by care ohio type thing the behavioral changes of the state of ohio start july the first another group of eighteen thousand was out of june the first what i want to tell people is that you if you get if you have a problem with my carol hi you have due process rights even though you may not know it and you can call the on butman through the state of ohio and there are exceptions now and i tell you that there's only so many but the statute has a lot more so if you don't know what your rights are you don't have any so that's a principle you need to look after if you do adjust caused and get a form letter that is not signed that does not say denial it maybe and in that case you might want to call this billy wright's ohio just billy right so high oh is supposed to be protecting people that are disabled there are going there are very few providers for my carol hi oh that i no in medical billing and so people were complicated medical condition may statutorily have that they can say to stay with straight medicaid so that they can get.

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