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Twenty seven at the end of the month started fourteen of the fifteen games he played after joining the raiders raiders this weekend. Also coming to an agreement to acquire in Tonio Brown and a trade from the Steelers raiders are trading a third and a fifth round pick to Pittsburgh and redoing Brown's contract as part of it. You'll Barnwell from the Bill Barnwell podcast. He really interesting spot in that. I think. You know, you talked a little bit coming into the break realistically, you shouldn't be able to do this in the NFL. You shouldn't be able to just kind of hold out and get what you want. Tonio browser. He tied. Exactly what he wanted. Frankly, from not being honest what he deserved. Getting guaranteed money from the Oakland Raiders for the Steelers. I mean, MRs ahe eighteen that I think they tell us a particular way. I think at some point they decided they were out of the Tony Brown. I think they thought they were going to get a first round pick that somebody was gonna get desperate. And then in the long run. Nobody did the best offer it I'd offer. I it's hard to see that making them a better team when it comes to twenty nineteen season. Hey, bill. Why did the Steelers do it? So soon could they waited a little longer to see if the pot could have gotten richer or was it a matter of you know, what these are the only teams that are that we can probably you know, trade him to get rid of. Yeah. It seemed like they wanted to get it out before they paid him a two and a half million dollar roster bonus in a few days. That's what we paid by the raiders instead, and I can understand it from that perspective. I think I would have gone the path that you're kind of suggesting here if it okay, we'll pay that you and a half million dollars. We're not going to be thrilled about it. But let's try late. Let's say if someone gets hurt let's see if one of these teams who wants a young wide receiver. For their young quarterback doesn't lamb guy. They want. It's not a great draft wide receiver. So really bad free agent period for wide receivers. I would have waited. Maybe I know, you know, sauce things out things can be corrected. But I just think, you know, at some point they decided we're going to get rid of him by by the time, she starts and they were waiting for the best offer. And this is what they landed on so without Antonio Brown and Le vian Bill where do you place the Steelers amongst the best in the AFC, take a step backwards? I mean, there's not some on the lost or who's going to replace Antonio Brown. I think honestly did a pretty good job all the bell last season Murray saw James hunters numbers. Look at the metrics is pretty much exactly as good, but bell was the creepiest here it doesn't offer as much as they receiver. Obviously, the one you have Antonio Brown and you'll GD Schuster. That's not really a concern. You don't really need extra receiving threats after those two guys. But now you lose belly receiver whose Beleza runner us Antonio Brown as receiver. We knew what your. James Washington takes a big step forward in your to. We didn't see that coming here. One not out of the question. He takes a leap sort. Of course, they're very good. At developing young talent that you gotta figure they at least had one weapon for burger whether it's in the draft. Whether it's in free agency, they have to do something because as good as for sister nominal salad as soon as I think James Cotter is I don't think that's enough to compete with level offenses in the AFC Steelers in rebuilding mode. The raiders getting a key weapon. But here's our Keyshawn Johnson. You know, everything's always have a honeymoon period. I mean, everybody is going to be court you, and John certainly knows how to do that. With the best of them in throw out. Nice kudos to players. But only thing I can say here keep your head on the swivel because when it starts to go in a different direction. You know that that honeymoon appear to be over with. And you you have to be the suck it up or you'll find yourself moving onto another team because John grooten is going to be there for a couple of years more. At least you say when things start going into different direction. What what will you be looking out for in this situation to make you go one way or another? We're talking about the expectations when you were given a certain amount of money as a player, you expect to be utilized and a certain way, and when they go away from gain planning to Antonio Brown, or when he's not getting the touches that he thought he was going to give because John groups certainly will be telling him he's going to be featured. When it doesn't work out the way. How would you be able to explain that your star player when everybody else is looking at handlers saying, hey, he's making this type of money. He's not producing he's on the decline. That's certainly becomes an emotional stress process. There's just.

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