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Brady Rodgers Big Band Baker All that on the way, But every team even though we have no fans this year as a marketing slogan, and the Dodgers marketing slogan for years has been Think blue thinking about their color scheme and I think after they got 231 And the Dodgers eventually were able to overcome that, too. Tied at three and then in Game seven. They were down to nothing. You were thinking the worst. But now was it you weren't no. Why would down 31 in the Syriza Tuo in Game 77 games? What were you doing yesterday Watching that game? Okay, Exactly. Right. Let me think about it. I wasn't saying I was believing in the Dodgers. I just said I was watching that game. But the fact that the matter is that you pushed. We pushed it to seven. You said at home or wherever you were at with family. In. You had to watch Game seven because Game three. You fell different game four. You felt different. Game five. You felt different. About time. We got the game six. You just like everybody else is like Dina. We don't allow them to get back in it. You know, and J. Williams Jason Williams, That would be the basketball player for Duke was poking fun at me laughing ticket. All look, you're dodging bubble butt quieted down slowly are controlling its seven games. Baseball. Is different. It's just it's baseball. It's a different game of basketball football. You could be down 30 and storm back just like the Dodgers just to sum it up for three. Bellenger go ahead and the Dodgers are off World Series for the 21st time. If you're just waking up this morning, it was a late one last night. If you're joining us this Monday morning, thanks for being with us again for three Dodgers in Game seven to win the series four games to three, and now they take on a team that probably is at the other end of the payroll spectrum. It's going Real David Goliath showdown. Maybe not the match of Major League Baseball wanted You love the Yankees. You'd love the Astros. But this is a great story of big and small, but it's still great because the Dodgers air in it. Right? I mean, even though it's not too big markets. The Dodgers are in it, And I think that is the key for Major league. Baseball is having a big team in it. And you could look at the payroll. Guess. Okay, the Dodgers of paying crazy money to their players were. The Rays are paying a little bit, but that's not the Dodgers formula. Nor is it the Yankees formula. That's just not with those organizations do historically. They like to make sure that their players of being paid well when they take the field. Let's bring a full circle. So the Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup right, that's in Tampa, and then you come back and the team in L. A win's MBA championship. And now in the World Series, we have the Tampa Bay Rays going against the Dodgers. I just like it keep and all I'm saying is watching your team last night is still remember being somewhat controversial in the mid mid the year with Dave Roberts and keeping Cody Bellenger in that six spot, But just a ways lineup batting six. Look, Mookie Betts, Corey Seager lead off, Can't you I know Justin Turner. Max Muncy Wilson ages or the lineup is so foreign lineup is interesting, because if you've got beds leading off and got Seeger I mean Seeger could actually be the leadoff guy. I mean, you could move around and play with the pieces a lot of different ways. There's no question about it. I'm glad to see that. Cody Bellenger finally got off his boomer would say the Shin. I He finally kind of got off. His playoff performances historically has always been kind of up and down, but he's always had this one moment, right? Isn't just this one big moment and he did it again. In Game seven with a two run, jack, you know, so when you look at that, it's like, okay, well, if he gives us that, in that moment in those particular moments we accepted all day long. Um, he's He's a phenomenal young player. I just would like to see a little more consistency with him. Understood about Ayahuasca is your phenomenal moments. Mookie Betts. I mean, he robbed Fred agreement. I mean, that's just it feels like he's made so many big time defensive plays throughout this Siri's and just Isn't he belongs in Los Angeles people. He's a Dodger. He belongs in L. A. His personality. Just everything about him speaks Ella like he's having fun. You could tell that he's enjoying these opportunities to bad as fans. We don't get a chance to really be in the stadium to see what's going on. And that reminds me Z or they're going to, um Increase. The attendants will be about 12,000 at the World Series, Will said in Arlington at the home of the new home of the Texas Rangers. Globe Life Field World Series starts tomorrow with Game number one on ESPN radio, So there will be more fans in the crowd. Rob Man for the commissioner who will join us tomorrow by the way at 9 30 Eastern did say it was a big goal of his to make sure we can get some level of fan participation, especially when most eyes are on us. The LCS NLCS are one thing, but the casual fan will now finally see the World Series has said..

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