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Dave I wanted to just mention to the audience here something that's happened a couple times to me over the past month is that people called in and you know we we always do this financial inventory basically when we're interviewing somebody just to kind of get a picture of of really what they already have and what their goals are and so forth and twice in the last month I've had we've had somebody call that they they share this information with us and I said you know what you already have a raft in there like I do I didn't know that and that the problem was that they didn't know how to use that they didn't know really how to maximize an and that after a certain number of years and different options should be made and and and so forth and and the neat thing is that we were able to kind of look back at that account and say you know what we can maximize this by doing certain things you know request different allocation changes and so forth to really maximize in and it's just such a great gift to them that they can call our office and that we know how to maximize that for them right even if we didn't set it up for them we can that we can help them with that and we're happy to do that this is the service we offer obviously there's no financial reward in it for us or the company anybody that you know that we help but that's sad with reviewing work you know this this is that's exactly right I mean that this is why reviews are so important so if you set up you know personal pension plan or if you have a four one K. or IRA or you know any of these kinds of accounts and you're not doing reviews with your financial adviser I would say that your financial adviser is not serving as a proper fiduciary because as a fiduciary we know that things change circumstances change and so forth and so on and then from year to year things may be different that might be better or that we may want to write you know pull the reins in in you know my possibly make some changes internally me and the strategies that we set up so these are very very important things to do and as fiduciaries Loretta my pride ourselves in B. and the ability to do that and help people whether or not you're our client or you are our client will still help you okay and so we've done that plenty and we're happy to do it and you know from time to time we get referrals from people that you know we don't even have an account with people say you know it's just something you know but this ten years ago or five years ago and and I really haven't you know heard from my advisor I really don't know what what it is and so we'll be able to explain Hey this works like this and we can maximize it this way and you know the route strategy itself I mean when we first heard about this sixteen years ago it I just I grasped on it because I I love the way that it can multi purpose my money so one of my clients a couple years after we had started offering Nissen and helping people with their retirement in this manner she said to me I love my RAF strategies reef a raft down for retirement approach free of tax and it's a properly designed and funded indexed universal life contract she says I love it because it multi purpose is my money if I die too soon then my family's taken care of with the ballooning documented of Venice of course and it's going to be going tax free to them and then I can also create this tax free distributions later on for my retirement which is huge I mean when you're putting in a hundred thousand dollars in an investment and then later on you can pull out twenty thousand dollars a year for the rest of your life that's pretty amazing and then of course if you're get L. or sec then you can have access immediately to even almost up to ninety percent of that death benefit that's available to you so that you're really protected in all areas of your life and so we want to be able to get an illustration is based on your situation and see if the RAF strategy is for you and of course personal pension plan everything we can get the book into your hands and illustration based on your needs by simply giving us a call at eight six six five four four seventy seven fifty five to.

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