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So the contestants were callers, but we had, you know, celebrity comedians and radio announcers, and, you know, singers, Brenda Russell and all kinds of folks like that coming on the show, and I was then people would say, oh, you mean like Vanna white. I'm like no pets Jack. That's what was, and we had a viewer listener came on, and she was telling her stories about said, give me your worst hair. We've story and she came she said I was at church. And I thought it was cute. And I had this ponytail on, and this is the cable hug me. And she said n. Shit came off, and you could not say that in nineteen eighty five. Yeah, there was no six second delay. Oh, wait. FCC would've snatched us like they don't like shit is now the approve word on TV now. So you can say shouldn't you could say shit? Now, you could not say shit then. So that's probably why you hosted anymore. Your own number one hit one. Lasted one. Good thirteen weeks. And, you know, next time anybody said, Julie Rogers from tell me something good the crickets, which is the loud. You can't find any of this online anyway. No, I have not been able to happen that a friend of mine, oldest shit friend of mine had on VHS shut up. Added VHS. Transferred to DVD. Like obsolete on top obsolete. Got a track to see you. All my gut right now is cute, according to us. Yeah. You know, people I'm talking to Martin as long lost sister that he found on ancestry dot com right now. This is like a long as commercial districts. Just give you some money. I'm just saying, you know. Well, I'm glad you found each of it. I really am. I really have. Yeah you are door. I gotta give you that you talk a lot of shit but you adorable for south east. You couldn't live. You couldn't be light skinned live in southeast with out being able to so those you'll realize. Very ones that, that granddaddy. Tell you to not let that Turkish woman show. I'm not look, you know, you go get drinks. I can't fuck around no more. But I can flirt. I can still learn ain't nothing wrong with Barry. Yes. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Let's you got us to. People who look out for him, don't she say? See what's see you. She used to wash the shows to see what was going to say and I was good for about two months. I'll get on here man. My wife was wonderful. My wife is amazing woman, this lovely live. I would not be the man on today without my wife. I can't in the day, she got bored with their. Starts like so guess what? She did. A day, you know is going to happen that cheap will have just happened to turn the show on base. You know she draws win. I'm saying. And your women classically. They don't they don't come after the man, they always run after the woman. That's, that's this culture Turkey though, she'll stab my advert. And then try that whole saying, I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun, you. That's what actually I'd never heard this before chasing. We understand. I don't have to run the I just got out run. You know you. Well, you know what me and my brother going to be in the car, and he's always doing podcasts. And I'm going to be hanging on. Oh, let me, let me, let me, let me send you back to you. See plug in trouble over here. No trump. No not. I don't either. I don't need you. We talked too much to each other. But this. All my hoses on us. Are you? Are you really married children, are you? No, I'm actually brand new divorce was getting divorced. We found each other really. Yes. So it became official like in September. So I'm like in coal do over what congratulations reinventing myself? All it. So you at the reading them streets, living library, nine run in streets. Somebody mama. Four four hold his oldest one. Twenty six twenty six grandmother, your grandmother. I am a grandmother. Jesus born. So then proficiently makes you a gift. Saver too..

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