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Leader Mitch McConnell, nonetheless, telling reporters Tuesday, not much support the Republican conference for tariffs. It's seven thirty seven had a lot of bad weather flooding in the midwest is going to cause some spikes in prices at the grocery store. According to folks in Nebraska. Farm bureau. President Nelson tells FOX business farmers were really hit hard by floods share, and we will all feel it at the checkout counter. We've had flooding record levels in practically every three member fate on, at this point, we don't have exact figures on the number of losses. He says soybeans corn beef will see the sharpest price increases. He says are also watching cotton crops very closely because there could also be spiking those prices as well giambra, or NewsRadio seven forty KTAR. H is now seven thirty eight Houston Astros bullpen gave up four runs in the sixth inning. But the team storm back for eleven five win over the Mariners Seattle game three of the four game series is tonight coverage at eight on KTAR H dot com. First pitch at nine ten again, here on KTAR h funny to say storming back when his black as night out there raining. And we've had heavy rain bands of rain coming across our area this morning. Ba sure you go to KTAR H dot com and click on operation storm watch to track. The stores. We are under a flash flood, watch for several counties around Houston. Not yet in Harris County until nine forty five this morning. Just keep it right here on KTAR, h I'm Sarah Frier Houston's news, weather, and traffic station, NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h. Estimate in a fair shake call Houston side, two eight one eight five nine nine thousand very latest on your way to work. This is Houston's morning news with Jimmy Barrett and share a fryer. Seven thirty nine time on Houston's morning news, political correctness.

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