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Thing nineteen ninety six but i did think of you ross though because remember you're talking about sex in the city how you had to wait every week for new epa a hated but it's kind of old school i don't like it anymore we don't watch tv that way anymore i'm sorry we're conditioned honey they want our money for the monthly subscription well how netflix doesn't do they really solid once how who to call that let's get a clue right i i mean nothing's wants to you know show or whatever hey if you follow marc you can follow him it be there you're going to be there for the live show mark great he's at the drag concept jay rod is josh underscore rodriguez underscore you could also when you tweet him hashtag saucy yeah okay jay rod i'm doing better oh seriously we're gonna get hypnotized in here and the next thing you know you're gonna be gargling tarter puts i dare you to name this episode done are you seeing true i don't know maybe told me no can we can we name tarter puts a cap you don't have to think of something tartar posts harder pussy me too i mean i don't like it cj is c j c j a y l y f e scotty how do we find you also sale media escaped instagram though real bella is scotty you really came through for me in a pinch i'm so grateful forever grateful it was a dream thank you ross thank you honey i'm hello ross show is hello ross pod.

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