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Made you laugh in serious serious situations in made you think because it was so it's like you know when something is an amusing air quotes here. Something is not supposed to be funny but you chuck landed anyway. That's not supposed to be funny. I don't know why. I'm laughing because pizza made you think like that's funny because i looked at the silliness of what is supposed to be serious. Like how absurd. It could be bright. How we as you put things on. We put so much emphasis on things that are just not important. Things are norma's dying of cancer and let nobody know so it wouldn't affect his act. You know because that would be the focus and he wanted the focus of his act to be on what he was saying. Instead of just like first of all. I'm i know norm would have made his act about cancer hilarious But that would have been the focus of his show instead of what he wants you to focus on. And that was more import- don't pity me. Don't pity me. He's like yeah now. I'm like god nor mcdonald's. Oh he's like yeah. I'm dying of cancer cancer jokes. he's he did. Have i mean my career died. Three years ago but i have cancer. He would've made it like because he did have a candy job but As always i love when you stop it. Because i i don't have to any reason why although you are wrestler it we wrestling you know what i am proud of professional wrestling. The business of professional wrestling is is something left to be desired sometimes because it could be very ruthless business a very cutthroat business. Obviously late show business right but professional wrestling. Has i needed to get on tv to do that. To to be an acrobat to be a fighter to to be funny to be you know to make people angry to make people happy right. 'cause it made me feel and oftentimes when on mearns podcast or you know co cabanas..

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