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Are i think they were interested in them i think they would have what have interest you know whether he would wanna come to green bay you was another story is jeff knows is a different place that's unusual in the nfl but you know the martellus bennett situation might have turned the packers off something like that i mean martellus bennett was was a big personality and it didn't work out and and like i said this is a different place at a guy like does brian you know it may not be the greatest fit for him but i think that would be the perfect type of of player to come in here on a proven deal the guy who's got something to prove and try to get this team because they i think they do need another offensive weapon for rogers hey snail go mckay thanks for joining us thanks for having me i always have the female lens talking nfl and and i saw danika patrick yesterday courtside at an nba game and she was she was linked to a quarterback who's i he's i aaron rodgers is talking about and it was it was named that he is now i believe a small or minority owner of bugs in the nba i just wanted to hear your opinion on that and then also i want to know what kind of player do you think that the packers have an eye on as the draft comes up so those two questions it caught us a little by surprise last night when the whole thing came down when when the bucks were sold a couple years ago there were rumors that rogers might be involved in the ownership group and and then nothing ever happened now there's a there's a a little bit of a joke here i think we could make you know this this past week the story comes out that rogers wants a greater say in the things that are happening in the packers well and he goes and buys a share of the box maybe that's how he's going to get a greater say in decisionmaking over a over a i i say that jokingly but you know rogers likes basketball and and you know what green bay it's about an hour and forty five minutes from the walkie guys the packers players go down there sit courtside every chance they get and and.

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