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Alert forecast, mostly sunny below average. But pleasant temperatures in the seventies. From the coast to LA valley inland spots hit the eighties today minimal changes this week day today, I'm trying to Mendiola with NBC four today in LA. It's seventy three in Anaheim, seventy in Redondo beach, seventy two west Covina, seventy in Rancho Cucamonga, we lead local from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. I'm Amy king. Thousand dollars. Gonna give away. We'll tell you how you can win that coming up in just a few minutes. So don't go anywhere sometime between oh, I don't know now and little Bob twenty after we'll tell you how you can win a thousand bucks the bottom of this hour. There is a chance. Slim, but there is a chance that they have a lead in the Malibu creek Malibu creek state park shootings. There is a search going on for a burglar in that area. And we know that there have been a series of recent shootings, including a murder of a man who died in tent with his two little girls on a camping trip. And if it's just been the weirdest most mysterious case in that area in a very long time. So this may be potential break in that case. Well, it wasn't the McGregor fight that everyone was talking about this weekend. It was this morning's much anticipated fight between Gavin Newsom Johncock. I think I'm going to correct you on that. Everyone was talking about the fight. No one knew that. There was a debate this morning, oh between the candidates for guy. I mean, I think you just kind of. Yes, you might you might. Apple. Apples. They're exactly well, they called it a conversation. Because apparently debate is too strong of a word in California NPR's, very careful about their micro aggressions. That's true. They are. And we need to make sure that we respect their feelings. Nope. This. They are. So by the way, the the NPR station in San Francisco K Q E D even went so far as to say, this will not be a league of women voters type of debate with strict time limits on answers and equal time for rebuttals because we didn't want to be a free flow. This is that's not a joke, by the way. Reading that word for word. And the thing is this is like when you take your kids to school, and they go we don't do grades here. We do more like we were going to send you a list of Kelso's choices, and you tell me what you point to which frog. Best describes your experience today at school. The stupidest non judgmental, but also zero measurement stuff that goes on in keeping with the forum format. It will be a conversation directed by the moderator K, Q E, politics and government senior editor Scott Shafer. Oh, man. I can't wait to hear scotch his middle. Name is Ambien. Wow. Wow. You hit hard. It was that John Mayer story that Gotcha going. Well, did it get heated? Well, yes, I dunno. Heated is the right word. Here's one question, which by the way, should never be asked in a governor's debate. Sorry, governors conversation breath Kavanagh's first full day of time out. Stop if I'm John Cox. I say first of all, sir, Ambien there's two things going on here. Number one. He is a supreme court Justice. What the hell does the governor of California have to say about a supreme court Justice? That's exactly the answer. He should have given. Irrelevant. What the thought of somebody running for governor in California? Thanks, everybody knows it's indigenous peoples of day, or whatever they call it. He's not at work today. He doesn't hear arguments until tomorrow if anything today he's getting fitted for the wig, and they robe, and that's it. That's all and beer and a beer beer. Well, he likes beer, I know fear, but just just one beers. Do you think Brett Cavanaugh had over the weekend? I don't know if he had any how many beers are in the East Room for this celebration zero no beer. No. I would just do champagne. Just to be safe because everybody likes champagne breath Kavanagh's first full day on the job at the supreme court. And both of you have young Dr daughters. You have four daughters. Offers are off limits. Johnny stop making this a referendum on women and daughters growing up. We're talking about one thing that may have happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty two to one guy and one girl all women are good and all men are bad. That's the way Scott Shafer should've put this question. And then just said expand on that. Sorry younger. But I'm wondering like, what do you think is such a bitter confirmation battle? A lot of women are concerned what it means for reproductive rights. And that's what's your takeaway from from what happened. I mean. What what what would you tell your daughters? If they ask you were have a conversation. Oh my gosh. Conway Conway has a great answer for this. How about how about you just don't talk to the daughters about it? How about you don't talk? How about you just, you know, leave the six year old out of this one? I will say this one out I will say that. Six year old just play something other than supreme court nomination. I will say this. It has prompted conversations with my daughter's sixteen exactly because she's old enough to know. And be on the cusp of thinking about life at college life away from home situations where she's with boys never going to happen and situations where you don't wanna be you know, stuff like that. She's got to be aware of that sort of thing. So those conversations are happening, but you're running for the governor of the state of California. What do you think about girls in, you know, empowerment? You know, I regret all the divisiveness and politics today. If I have anything to say about it. I'm going to try to get reforms that reduced the division. It has to do with fundraising in California. There is no divisiveness where we're all. We're all in with feelings so much. So that the governor's debate is conversation all the conversation not gonna have anything to say with how the country is divided right now. Uses their position of power authority to impose themselves on an under someone who was subordinate to them should be surcharge than should be removed from office. Frankly, I think is very relevant. You say you care about the issues California's very relevant than cavenaugh because you could have a profound impact on California. California's on the reproductive rights drink. Abortion will always be availability. You you say you care about the issues of California's very relevant than cavenaugh because he could have a profound impact on Californian Californians on the reproductive rights of which you do not believe a woman has a right to choose regardless. Whether or not there rape or had tragic incident of incest Cavanaugh will play an outsized role in that you've been an advocate for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which would cost in the Graham Cassidy built one hundred and thirty eight point eight billion dollars by two thousand twenty seven in the state of California and that also eliminated funding for Planned Parenthood. And that will impact reproductive rights the access for millions and millions. It's almost as if Gavin Newsom doesn't know who California is he's talking about these things that are never going to change in the state of California abortion is is one of those cases one of those issues in California. That's never going. Yeah. But you have to get people afraid you have to get people. You have to whip up their feelings. Exactly. That's exact so let's continue to legislate based on our feelings. Will absolutely collapse. It's one thing if Gavin Newsom says well, first of all it's completely irrelevant question for somebody who's running for governor in California. But if you're going to ask it Gavin Newsom can say something to the effect of world K in California. We'll always make sure that women have a right to choose. But think about other parts of the country that are not as well off as California women who are very poor. And they're in states that Kavanagh's decision on Roe v. Wade may affect them if they if they limit the scope of Roe v. Wade they cut it down a little bit. What about the woman in Alabama that won't have access, and she doesn't have the money to come to California. You know what I mean? Like, there's a way to address the issue without lying to people. Right. And there's a way to make about what California can't what the governor of California can do. John Cox, not to belittle the issue of abortion. But could have said something like I want to make sure that if you are going to your gay pride parade or you are driving to your unemployment line or you are driving to the DMV. That you get there safely. We need to concentrate on the infrastructure of this state to make sure that we continue to thrive economically because if we don't we will quickly become a third world country where rights and privileges that we currently enjoy will be stripped away from us because we simply physically cannot get to those places where we want you do those things. Awesome. Last question in the debate. Which one of you represents the mainstream California better, Mr Cox. I think I do it because I represent the people who are just trying to get by. I wasn't putting office by billionaires. I you know, I had to work my way up I had go all the way through. And and that's something that I think the people of the state will identify with fifteen seconds. No, I think we represent the vast majority of California's that reject John Cox is absolute allegiance to Trump and Trump is and his longstanding advocacy for causes that I don't think the vast majority of Californians embrace, well, at least you didn't try to play the poor card again because Gavin Newsom growing up in Marin county, which is like the richest or the top three richest counties in the country. Does not go over well him talking about how you know, his his mom had to work a couple of jobs to support them to toiling. He cleaned a toilet building's fiber. And you wouldn't have such an issue. I don't get it. Like, you cannot do you went to Santa Clara money that is if you were that poor you wanna have lived in Moran. You would've lived in another place. It him when he ever traces sell. The I grew up a poor child in Marin county it never works out. Poor people don't have hair like that. There's that too. Are exactly right. This is something that I would suggest that. If you're going to vote. And you should that you go through and listen to this whole debate. Because from what I gather, wait. Hold on. Yes. I mean, let me just call Bs on that. They're who's undecided between Gavin Newsom and John Kasich. Excellent point good point. You're right. That's all we're divided nation. All right coming up next. Oh, what about this? Oh, I got two thousand dollars. You gotta give away. Here's how you're gonna win. It.

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