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The first time about events shrouded in secrecy and a review of government documents court records let me stop here two thousand eight ladies and gentlemen who was the director of the fbi anybody who is the director of fbi mr producer robert muller robert muller was the director of the fbi just so you know one project cassandra leaders sought approval for some significant investigations prosecutions arrests and financial sanctions officials at the justice and treasury departments delayed hindered or rejected their request the justice department decline requests by project cassandra and other authorities to file criminal charges against major players such as hezbollah's high profile on void to iran a lebanese bank that allegedly laundered billions and alleged drug profits and a central player in a us based cell of iranian parlor paramilitary cuts force in the state department rejected requests to lower highvalue targets the countries where they could be arrested that's carry holder obama that's hillary obama let's loretta lynch that's robert muller mr special counts they role in charge of law enforcement at the time in the state barn canada's power this was a policy decision it was a systematic decision to david asher who helped establish an oversee project cassandra as a defense department illicit finance analyst they serially ripped apart this entire effort that was very wellsupported and resource than was done from the top down from the top down the untold story project cassandra illustrates the immense difficulty and mapping encountering illicit now works in an age where a global terrorism drug trafficking and organized crime have merge but also the extent to which competing agendas among government agencies and shifting priorities at the highest levels can set back years of progress and while a pursuit may be sharon in secrecy from latin america luxury hotels the car parks in africa two banks and battlefields of the middle east the impact is not in this case multi tonneloads of cocaine entering the united states and hundreds of millions of dollars go into a usdesignated terrorist organization with vast reach obama new that hundreds of millions of dollars.

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