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Welcome you back. It's always great to see match stench. Come on tuesday afternoon and we were talking about the air. You georgia bandy. The other day. I i i applaud you. Because really that's a that's a tough game to entertain the masses for almost four hours spoil. You're assuming that we did that. There's a decent chance. I don't know that there were masses around. There were a lot of family members watching the game. Maybe were i suppose. Yeah you'd like to think that somebody was out there. we hope. I'm not here to disparage anyone. But when a game is lopsided. I assume it could have been a lot worse yes How how do you objectively comment on what you're seeing. When it's it's over so quickly well you know there is no you take no joy and seeing drubbing and so i think what we did. Was you pivot to the team. That's enjoying success. Because that's likely who's probably even sticking around anymore. No one wants to stick around team. Get get a munnell stomped on him and it was that extensive and i think it just kind of colors the level of challenge that they're facing their vanderbilt now and i'm hopeful that when they hired clark lee one of the things that happened was they said you know we're we're we are committing to improving the facilities and providing this program the resources that it needs to try to compete in this conference. Derek mason didn't have those resources bobby johnson. How those james franklin and they were able to at times have levels of achievement. Derek mason one nine games. There's some there's some years where you're sitting there going. Two thousand sixteen was a heck of a year for vanderbilt two thousand eighteen bowl season. So you think that there's a chance to where they should at least five hundred or better especially now that we're back to twelve games and there's non-conference scheduling etc The other day was. I'm not gonna say disappointing. It was troubling. Because i think twenty twenty took a pretty significant toll on a lot of programs but it was a not a fatal blow but one that has staggered that program so far the season they got a chance to get right. This week versus yukon. I don't even know whether their favorite it'd be surprised. There are concerned the team. So there you go so all right. So and and we kind of speculated as much in the game so you you you start talking about the team that's enjoying success and one that it was reminiscent of two thousand. Twelve texas versus auburn. Where you're sitting there going. We actually did that game. I'm going this is hard to watch. I was shocked. Yeah people always talk about coaches can what happened. That game happened. That's what happened. Yeah look he had a lot of overhaul on that staff. And it's amazing. How coaching matters. And it's not just coached by one guy. There's other guys that are on that staff and that staff. That i read it didn't run into him directly but a friend of mine saw somebody who was one of the coordinators on that staff. No names and he's he's now a coordinator In high school ball. yeah not only disparagingly. But that's that here was not a good year and the other coordinator college coach head coach and had a big win the other day. It's just you know coaching matters. And the other thing to think. Is that vanderbilt. Part of it is and took derek mason. Some talking about okay. so it's just. It was saturday was tough sled. There's no doubt let's look ahead. People are whether they're getting ahead of themselves or not. It's justified in talking about the razorbacks as they head to georgia. But they do have this week and next week. Against ole miss and and people can say reality or not. It doesn't matter at this point. They have they've obliterated the expectations no doubt i mean. Even last year they were counted the cinderella story and there were questions when sam pittman got the job and you kind of those are warranted. Think concerns you can call them earliest curiosities going never been head guy. Never been a coordinator. How often does this actually work. And kind of the mold of that time was it worked at lsu and we see that the difficulties. They're having their. Is it just the head coach. Not necessarily the idea that they've already got four wins and they've got two of the best ones. I think when you talk about as far as wins based on what we thought teams were coming into the season. They got to best wins of the season. They texas texas and that's not just relative to what we thought arkansas was going to be. It's been a great story. Do we know that they're great football teams. That's tough to say it takes same for example where full-strength now i mean. We're already our backup quarterback. We saw them last week and and they've got some real problems and it's not just quarterback that offensive line is a problem and their inability to get separation at receiver. A very real problem and that was a costly victory for arkansas guys. You see k jefferson. Leave the lineup trail and berks lease the lineup. You've got to offensive lineman. They're playing hurt and played well so already through the first month of the season. Arkansas has done a fantastic job and you hope that there will be some level of of sustaining that because if it doesn't from a win loss standpoint my concern would be you look back on this year and it's like just another year for arkansas. This was one that more difficult schedules at anybody faced in the country and they've handled it really well so far but as you point out it gets tougher. It's tougher on when you have to play the sec. At georgia no favors done there. Yeah it's insane. Let's talk about the other game. Saturday that so many people are excited about in. Everyone's asking well lane kiffin did this last year. Can you do it again. What what is the path for this. Well you gotta get stops. I mean even if this offense is it was a year ago and part of it is. We can't look at it in a vacuum. Where compare this year's offense. The last year is offense. Well neither one of these teams are the same. So does does this. Year is often get play year's alabama defense they don't right and that was the first year of the jeff lobby lane kiffin combination offensively and jeff lebanese. The play caller. And you can see baylor all throughout that offense as far as where he comes from an a coaching philosophy. But you can see lane kiffin kind of enmeshed in there as well and now you're in your to and now you've got matt corral..

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