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You know, still I still love like, you know, him being like, you know, I'm I'm making money. It feels good to take your mother out to dinner and pay half. But he would go, and he would he do this at the satellite a lot at both my show and other, you know, other people shows there, he would like just do this thing where he would he wouldn't even be using the Mike. He'd put the mic aside he projects. Yeah. He's a guy who really projects his voice, and he would like set the Mike aside go into the crowd and just like ask what high school everybody went to. And he was I mean, it's such as not just valley. He was like geographically ex an expert on like most major metropolitan area Emory wides. Yeah. Top to your memory crazy Lesnie Lake City, the me. Yeah. Usa spend a lot of time. And yeah, absolutely. Oh, he showed me around. You know, he showed me around Chicago. And that was that weekend was the. Yeah. That weekend truly one of the best weekends of my life lake. We both just happen to be in town. And then spent every day spent every day together. And I you know, I wish I. Had seen him more. I mean, I I saw a lot since it shows and podcasts and stuff. But yeah, he he was the best. I mean, he was I do think he was the funniest comedian. I think that's like, and it's also it's in a way that like, you know, you talk about like the best comedians, and like usually like the best comedians, you think of the people with the best specials in that's fair. But in terms of just like in terms of just like watching a set live like there's nobody I would want to see more than Brody. Absolutely. Because you are going to get like a very especially like, depending on what kind of. What happened that day with Brody or like what kind of mood. He was in or whatever what the room was like you were gonna get a tailor-made like it's a custom set custom fucking wild Brody set. Everybody set was was wild. You know, he would. The last like I saw him at a at Neil hamburgers show recently. And he did the thing where he goes into the crowd. He didn't use the Mike once he would just he just went into the crowd did lake. Did that crowd did his crowd work? His Brody specific crowd were like Brody Brody crowd work was like a different beast. No. He's like not even really making jokes. He's like literally being like where are you from Chicago? Oh, there's a loop pros there on north and western avenue, then they're change. My oil. He big on intersections big on like geographic facts. I was hit by a bus. There was riding a bike. Yeah. Oh my God. Ninety six Toyota Avalon weather exterior. Fucking so good. Yeah. He did the did his Brody crowd work. And then he like his his closer was drumming to better now by post Malone key lake, but he was like drumming in the crowd. He would a lot of like tambourine stuff..

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