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And again, I am I am just a guy who body into a lot of this conservative talk when arrives younger and didn't understand my place. Now, I've come to a conservatism that I think abides with my place. I think of bides with a lot of my neighbors. But whenever your neighbors enemy, and you sneer at them, and you've got some worthless. Saka rocks. That's running your Facebook page, and you're just signing off on it Lubbock county Republican party. That's why fifty seventy five people within a guess, you could say three hundred thousand population metropolis, while only the red the red is what they always call Lubbock county the of the red voters, why do only fifty or seventy five people show up in his because you lost. He's just completely lost touch. And that's what they're I would venture to bet that there are more people that vote up to. Show to the democratic annual meetings than the Republican meetings. That's my complaint, and to me, it's Ted Cruz, and Goldman Sachs and CitiBank and you guys in reality dumb reacting to I'll just think it's Lubbock county. I think go to Potter County. I think you've got east Texas. Good south, Texas on any other side of Texas and find the same. That's just me bitten. I'm going to get home guide to get home. Great family above average dinner waiting for me there at the Ponderosa guy. The big playoff game tonight until next time ray-ban buddies ray-ban, we'll see next edition of the program where we have Ross Ramsey in our friend might bazaar coming on with you here on the other side of Texas. Check out on Facebook on Twitter, anywhere. You can find podcast, please share it with friends. Sure. This with your friends just trying to bring you the truth. Yeah. I'm alive right here on the other side..

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