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What about it lowered welcome pity Angel Chronicles Tax Bill Jordan always I hope is at cal fire. Impact former classmates get her. I don't ever want to run into anybody from high school. That's served all right because yes that lots of subtle hint hint than give you. The clue were discussing zing angel season two episode seventeen disharmony CAA disharmony because her name's harmony but she's not she's very far from harmonious. It's our team angel. Wouldn't you at this point so do some of that basically angels having a difficult time earned everybody's tries back in he literally cannot stand being bossed around by Wesley. It is Erkki his nerves saying Leslie Asleep bossing him around Cordelia still mad at him and says they're not for they are not anymore. Let's just make that clear just just like an interesting year but then of course a window think breaks the ice like having a vision true true and also a night out with an old friend from high school. She Has a vision and you know you know basically searing pain as usual so after the Vision Angel told her take the day off the night off do you so it's lies of change and of course you know harmony got turned into a vampire over on buffy and she was a girlfriend of spikes for awhile those that must be some relationship online is crazier acts at the harmonies almost as crazy as you said. If you gave her vision she would definitely be as crazy as your cellar pro yet. Definitely Josh Vision that actually just get just pushed her right over that joker edge day yeah so yeah armies talking about her break up and she's like hey stay at my place but she's pair can invite her in surgery invite exactly but anyway so meanwhile teammate. Angel Wesleyan gun full Cornelius Vision which she swears she saw couple being you know making out in a car get attack yes they they find the key they find the car then they hear the woman screaming and back. Exa Save the woman and then it's like a vampire attacking her haunted vampire. Sh- in a green robe with a strange symbol only in labor only in a way similar. La I'm no but anyway. It's super upset that court. He doesn't consider them friends anymore. Four and he's talking to Wesley About Cordelia. He's like maybe I should buy her things. He's like you can't buy forgiveness or friendship and I'm like but it's a lay of course you were even like them. His bet the best line on Wesley says Oh while you're at it. How would you buy me a Nice Bouquet for oh. I got stabbed in the Gut. Oh milk that one leslie milk that one really hurt nance won't be this wasn't the first time won't be the last that's all that favoured this because accordion harmony having a great time actually heading rewind unlike you guys are actually still not old enough to it'd be drinking. She'll only like twenty. It's La poke to the kids. They're drinking elite fourteen if you're in. San Diego and you live by the border which Tijuana maybe but pretty girls I guess they got cited by their offer. The more was Lee bought it. I don't know but I'm just saying we forget like hey man. This is the only season two Angel Angela Volley. You're not quite legal yet there honey. Hey Hey harmony's vampire in really. That's like really eighteen that makes it even worse. No it's worse at paints. A quote vampire diaries be turned on filler year. They're seventeen or nineteen that what is the worst but I mean you know you know. She's a vampire. You now gene drink as much. She wants to kill her. Yeah true and you know Oh for Cordelia. It's like you know is she. Medicating it's pain medication. You should know but harmony lake goes goes into her room and she's GonNa feed her but then Dennis Hey wake up and they you know harmony apologizes then she thinks the harmony is kind of Navia. Neither does oh well. She didn't know about willow yet but I mean I look like one of those. looks like a horror movie. Living in harmony comes into your little ninety. I mean you could see that kind of porn starts. That's all that I'm saying like Oh. Oh okay guessing Cordelia steaks aged backley coordinated 'cause willow in Willows Blake. she's a vampire allow. Oh yeah because quarters against she came in and we're like attacked. Trump mate will toil in conversation and I'm just like Oh early two thousands you are so sweet here innocent we can never have a misunderstanding standing like Bronco. No 'cause yet his Willa tells Cordelia Harvey's Vampire Talk. Thank goodness. I thought she was a lesbian yeah yeah yeah but also she can't be trusted so Cordelia CBS's like Oh and then we'll willow tells her that she's a lesbian. She's like aches. I gotta go I'll and then we'll across the hotel in tells Angel Harmony and then him and Wesley Rush over and they're like what the stake in the crossbow the gasping painting each other's toenails in the but then they're like now. We want to stake her well. It gets worse back at the hotel. They'll go back to the hotel. Then Wesley really wants to stake yeah. She's she's popping her gum and nita somebody the old heart now and you'll start brown-nosing and he he should be allowed to spend time with their friends friends. Then army breaks the computer. She spells her blood on Carr's angel gives her a couple of blood is another good line. It's usually report workplace book. I'll yes here's the he's out to get rid of her. Go and then also by. She's making angel on have a little human blood or yeah because he because you what is this. He was pig's blood. She's GonNa go street the my thighs Nick Play Omega. I like the girl though Crayton's harmony is so perfect at this role. I know that she's usually yeah yours like you're saying told me was like Khemisset like the human blood. He's he's anyway. Thank God gun comes into cut the tension or add to it however however you WanNa look at that he's like he's like yeah a whole bunch of humans a bandaged album and you know there's no bodies being taken for food food. Take your food but they're gonNA. They're basically basically voting army about the actress bodies aren't turning up many bodies or turn it up here the Vampire pyramid game so la La but now it's funny going out gun walks in and he's just psycho pretty blonde. He's like Oh who's this. They're like Oh. This is harmony. She's a vampire guns. Faced will kill him anymore. It's not really clear less excuse US unless they're evading taxes in their pyramids game. Then yeah we so the only kind of see this weird large theater vampire speaking so much erode vampires about its plan though you felt actualising pyramids on just like Oh my God are you freaking serious are you yes by potential. Turn to human turn to one is food like I don't think Phillipa megagroup blood bank as well and I'm just like this is ridiculous yeah I I don't. I don't get the whole turn to you. Know One is food. I would think turn one to her. Exact pretty fell of apparently I believe we were vampires. We'd be dessange survival wise. I'm just like you know If say you're successful you're going to like kill off your your food chain. In there then you can just literally breed them like actual cattle and it's fine but he also published a a book which asks where if they ever do redo angel like this is like the perfect time delay Polka lake social media. Everybody's gotTa Damn e book or course they could could really lean into that with the vampires. Oh you like yes. He makes them. I'm to sleep while somebody had a bad experience with Tony Robbins. I feel who wrote this at because I wanted to say it was David yet was David. David Fury had that run with Tim Robbins Tony Robbins help yeah you just added Oh. It's just a weird episode. They somebody was taking their frustration. uh-huh so anyway acted that we cut back to the hotel and cardiac symbol similar to a pyramid scheme started by oil oil when he was human he was also a crappy motivational speaker. Tell Ya turning into a vampire doesn't make him a jerk just amplified it it does yes yep oh. She's into things things way off. Key I don. I love Lauren's like figure. French should rethink the name harmony poor well. It gets better next step for guys still up in there like we need help finding a building and then harming armie COSC- thinks emission quotas mission vision now well. I'm just like ashes will learn tells oh sorry. Cordelia will guide her destiny a lot of care. It's not personal quiet now why you're breaking up a little bit my friend and she lay angel betrayed his yet again. It's like she soul it. Can you trust her. They may also hellfire yes so the after the gang leads Cara Toss has let's get a little choppy there yes a Parmi follows the gang in the they find the bird statue that Cordelia saw in her vision there like it's the wrong colored wrong color until until angel runs into lake nearby electron stories. They've got the turn on their their sign. which you know make maids it makes the statue read which is what she saw division Lilith? Oh you didn't hear me. I said she also brought up the fact that he gave away or close again gift. That's right. That's right okay carry on about the statue fund the statute like a throne colors until angel gets the electronic sort of turn on their sign and it turns Red Light Cornelius all division. You know like blood funny how they are. They ask yeah army says listen to she get sucked right in. Oh Yeah. Let's in the sold. I didn't know she's a vampire but yeah undercover. What tweet trust her not the betrayal thanks it added need to guess the knee the family belong doug by and you can get a blue robe? You know he's like a look. She brought his three the to determine won the Ethan in the infamous angel but yeah coordinate up by so it was like Wesley Eurobonds. What do we do now because like kill them all so yes so that gets his head chopped off. which was awesome? I know etling bother stake in his chops off and then Cordelia has to crossbows and I'm just like yeah getting enough. I love it. We actually points one harmonies head harmonies like yours. What are you stupid as not GonNa kill me. She was not. I'm GonNa hurt a lot and then she pulls out a second one six at our hearts because there's one kill you sexy. Let her go get Outta town. We come come back for season five. They didn't know that thing I know we'll maybe they want her back on buffy though to true but then Cordelia Cordelia thought she was going to get a told you so unless she's I keep quiet you sh- but again it's like you know angel the talk. He pretty pretty much turned on them this season and he has a soul yeah exactly but I just saw but stupid harmony. She's a we're still friends rights and correal. It was like no trying to kill me more friends no but this I it's. It's like my favorite scene at the end. They go back. Arthur talks to angel his difficulties with Cordelia but then like she get the whole new buys new clothes and Wesley. Lee is clearly disappointed in her materialism. I think he's just angry at neutral for buying buying her friendship. Hey at Auburn Kugler for them to talk. Hey 'cause she's very happy to get those new clothes. It's also a shoutout to win the pay for her prom dress in the problem over on buffy did they they were not on good times and then he paid for it and she's never learn that and this was a good episode to have such a low body count got that. I just feel like there was a reason episode Somebody was bad about some pyramid here mid scheme they got sucked into Bazeley just doug and his followers and I guess there's two people at the beginning countdown amount 'cause we only have two more appearances of Willow and angel so we have two more oh to more of willow yeah. They're really really to really did episodes June because it season three or four when willow near there's no okay that will all all there's no place like Lord that the end of the season yeah yeah yeah that she's in that one and then orpheus which is season three okay no Korea at that was whenever Wesley comes back and that talks. Oh Oh yeah because she's probably in the finale this season the cut she the one that come tell angel that buffy is dead. Yeah Yeah Yeah Spoilers Persia breath for you actually watch any without watching about the I know a few people who have done it..

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