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Grew up. I start by their first arc by their robertson. Illnesses like fresh blood coming stories. By stephanie phillips. A beco really becky. Cloonan matthew rosen matthew rosenberg. He's known known his perspective. But including. I don't don't think this angeles i'm just saying i find it interesting when they get the opposite sets to might bad news but a bunch of names kennel recognize. I'm thinking are like artists. Maybe so we might be getting some you know coming. Yeah well they. They can't afford to pay big names anymore because of the pandemic so we're sense home no shade who. They are our ambigious whether what they're doing for pride month at that very cool. I don't see marvel doing that saly. Oh yeah they were not that special right. Yeah it looks really cool especially because they're gonna do the whole place ninety things so although they are doing the there's like a captain america mini series coming out to where i'm not american dream. I don't want what's storage america's ally like steve. Sam is it. Steve sam bucky and john walker like capitalize on it with all their traveling the country and against for some reason. We are from reason. There's gonna be a bunch of different versions of captain. America around the country like in native american one. I believe there is as a gay man. But yeah there's going to be all kinds of now you see at least by add on the average that conversation. Oh i thought it. Rolling was saying bucky. You baby can't you can't change my mind in the comments. I'm just saying maybe youtube matt's had him at pebble though him at. I'm just saying everybody the doozy's all about that life. But they're really not you. Don't kiss as well as your aunt. No we're not no. Hey i was even worse back in the day they were. They were sisters to begin with. I mean oh my god or your sister got old oliver queen charm. You know what i'm saying. It'll narrow by the way. Let's get agreed. Can we get a green arrow book. Come on humi out apple me team up book they get. You don't know there. Might the red headed stepchildren. Book that way you make one book. Maybe make a worse agree lantern. I'm just saying. Allie has a barium factions personality of having fun like acclimating to lighten up a little bit. Jason momoa apple might not be about another green arrow. Black canary book. And let's clean much clean up with what they've done the both characters in the last couple of years you know so here for we get that with the reboot was canceled those books. But i'm waiting will now is in. The green arrows was the vietnam. What what does that check mater. Whatever my god why. I understand we're trying to get two and a half million dollars adding him but just cut your losses. Bro ended have worked for superman. It's gonna work for justice. Is that what he thought. Maybe kim's about check me has already gone. Nobody got two and a half million at an undesired underspend us. Oh you heard from your area from we'll hellfire man she superman one million dollars for sure. That was just for the year on superman. That twelve books while in action. But whatever in a didn't pay off the sales have been decreasing. So why would you give them. Justice league will why bryan hitch when you need them. Hazy. he got the story and the artwork. That's all i'm saying. A two for one buddy. Maybe after we spend our money wisely deasy were were. We're on the verge of bankruptcy but nobody's going to talk about it. Maybe the trains are we. Maybe after the snyder like we got nothing left to lose justice league just put. I don't know maybe maybe his name will bring the kids. Emanate miles morales. I don't want bending adult jessica. I don't wanna see it bro. Heap street level for the love of god. Moral come get or again. I mean we're getting naomi. tv show. How about getting him and david walker back on like a second game exactly but you know we're book was volume too. I thought they promised volunteer. And they owe me didn't walk around the phone. Yeah yet again and again. Yeah he's already putting the will be on justice league. It's like okay but once you like flesh out the character some more before you're like throws anymore. Have you noticed that in the flesh out characters anymore so wild. He's plus characters out dam. Sure didn't do a busy character. Saw oh no doodoo so yeah. I am not excited but at least you. Now there's other stuff in dc can vam trying to like support like lettuce dark knight on full excited for you know. Don't screw it up. I'm trying to give you some money. So yeah we'll figure out how to work scheduling with something audience. Something new in episode. So yeah i mean we're gonna yeah once-off volume three of earth. One comes out. We'll do ever gonna what. I just have one question. What is it gonna take to actually have a live action batman tv show we have. It's bill knapp max. Now we have the funding a lot investors near interested or they. Just don't worry money into it or they just afraid to do it. I know my rights or something. Something like what. What will it take it again. It's is it just because every three to five years. Get a new batman movie anyway. So they're like oh he's in the movies. We can't tv show. I think that the tv show in the long run as the animated news crew. Like with toy and stuff that they they can do it and especially right now. We're the adult collectors. Market for things like marvel legends in dc legends. And things like that words like sixty seventy bucks for a six half inch. Tall takes tencent's demet. Why not do everything that worth. I mean seriously. You wanna put. Hbo max over the top. Can you imagine announcing. Oh yeah the first. Live action batman show since the adam west only on dedicate the pilot seven. You get all of us. Just for that you get a kevin conroy. To do some kind of cameo is somebody yes or does. The narration like every episode. Or i'm just saying it. Rights itself and makes the money because we were running out of batman merger walmart. Saying have you noticed. Oh god the young sheldon of batman shows you have like young batman year. one. But you have kevin conroy narrating it as like old man batman we the problem. You need money. These welcome warning. Don't get the park. people not money. Whatever it takes again. A live action tv batman tv. Show on hbo. Max i nolan busters of puerto bunch of money to do it in the. You're welcome warner's seriously. Why don't they call us. You want you want the.

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