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Of historical. What did he actually claim to have? Experienced is really a huge gap. But they're definitely leaning into the Spooky version For the series. Even though they definitely talk about it as a contact he'd type thing so you talk about the contact he that he has family and that he had a house and he might have actually been a something person but they're also leaning heavily into as you said entered cold the spooky from the movie who Kinda get mixed with this whole notion that Keel talks about of the grinning man. Yes yes sort of a pro slender man very much. So yeah yes absolutely. And so in that sense. He knows things he shouldn't be able to know he can appear. He apparently could just walk past security. Show up in your house and talk to you. What surprises me is in addition to throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks within Hellier Bay. This doesn't stop even like a disco in in this version of injured. Cold that they present they give you the it's real. It might still be going on and also they actually show footage of John. Kill saying that. He thinks what he. Dan Berger was a pathological liar. So it's like they're they're covering every spectrum of the of how you might Turpin this. It's absolutely made up. It's absolutely real. It's paranormal supernatural. It they they throw it all out there and they never really they throw it all out there without pygmy. Were actually sort of joking when we were. We were discussing this. That and I don't mean this in a negative sense I maybe. I don't know that this is almost an anti investigation. Where if an investigation is meant to narrow down options until you only? Have you know the wet when you eliminate the impossible whatever remains however improbable is true? If you're doing that as it goes everything becomes increasingly possible. Have you guys ever read Gently Soliciting Detective Agency? I have no absolute connectedness. Things every this is this is like somebody is lar- ping that without the comedy. Yeah Yeah Yeah I actually I wrote. I wrote reviews season one of my blog when it first came out and I actually basically the main criticism was that it was just a brady bad investigation because it didn't actually reach any conclusions. They just created more kind of Mo- mystery by which I would almost say this is almost the purpose right. Exactly what we thought was a bug is the feature. Yeah Yeah so you asked about injured cold. You also asked about Terry wrist. Which yes. That's what it sounds like ladies and gentlemen so in the documentary. They do say that somebody who claims to have known this Terry says it's it's pronounced right least Terry biased coaching job. At I think I would agree with you. That's coming from. I'm holding my copy. It's very thin. The secret cipher of the nuts revised edition by Alan Greenfield ways in. I think this is literally. And there's Cleveland Stuff added. It's ninety two pages and at the end. Chapter Twelve interview with Terry are wrist or rice but in Nineteen ninety-four. It feels very difficult to believe that is not a pseudonym where Alan Greenfield so most of this book and I have tried to understand it and I will point now that people like Aaron Gulia have recently said who are far more contact d. And An occult than I am maybe Sorta like I am trying to understand it myself so I feel comfortable saying Whoa. Whoa WHY is happening? So it the secret. Cipher has numerology. It has it's a lot of numerology. Kabbalah and other aspects of the Western culture dish in an Giang Keel and contact. He's but at the end. There's an interview June. Twenty th okay. I just realized this June twenty four. I literally just realized this. Today's not June twenty four but this interview is with Terry Wrist on June twenty four which is Saint John the Baptist Day but it is also the day that Kenneth Arnold saw flying saucers styles. Music did sorry. No no no I think. That's very appropriate. Oh Yeah Haley you have a lovely TV theme voice and also John Keel said. It was the day of the year most likely that you would see things like the. He's statistically broke that down and it's this it's this it's this let's see one about five page or four page interview with Terry. Our risk the law the Battle of conquest section presented previously which is again getting into the LAIMA and whatnot Alister Crowley. Oh you mentioned. You mentioned numerology Could so my understanding. That's where you take each letter the alphabet and assign a value to it. So you can like then numerically. Figure out the value of words and use that for divination purposes or or other things it also involves diagonals and Kamala and early. Modern alchemy shore. Who put the alphabet order? I deny it always seem weird to me. It's like people who say at a certain time midnight's witching hour three. Am which will. What time zone are you in? How this an arbitrary human system? I don't understand why anyway. Okay sorry May I don't Know Golf. That's an that's an American. Wow you know what I'm talking about. Blake right. I isn't that like the Sunday morning. Nation yes yes. Yeah yes and Goliath eighteen sixties and seventies claymation with gum. Yeah you like even or wasn't evangelical methodist but yeah yeah it might have been Lutheran. I'm not sure I think you may be right. I think you may be right but anyway this interview with Terry Wrist talks about basically it is is Allen Greenfield going back and forth and this is textual it says it is recorded in our most recent encounter June twenty-fourth nineteen ninety four but it's all about. Ufo's and things under the ground and Brown Mountain North Carolina. Which shows up repeatedly in Hellier. And this Terry wrist figure so I'm going to read a section on before you do. I just want because people desperately trying to know yes. It was Lutheran. Okay you may continue Terry wrist and exactly I gather as we were by then. We were in a kind of cavern. Only I'd say artificially hollowed out illuminated by a greenish glow. Diffuse not from a single identifiable source. Anyhow the whole area resembled shavers will come back to that. Less exotic subterranean story descriptions and in more recent terms some of the modern alien base stories. We were confronted by these small. Greyish beings humanoid only in the technical sense one of our guys said Darrow and started shooting. He had an m one rifle. If I recall one shot and the little grey beam was illuminated in blue and was just gone then there was a sound and I felt my own gun an M16 get unbearably hot. As I dropped it turned to run and was confronted by two of these little gray skin guys with a net. Whatever had convinced me my rifle was had apparently not my focused on my pistol a vintage Luger and one of the net holders receive the last surprise of its life it kind of exploded and the other one dropped the net and ran up the slope with me suddenly in pursue when we got behind the area though it was just gone. I heard gunfire and explosions behind me and that godawful home and then I continued pistol in hand looking around wildly to go back the way I came only three of us ever made it back to the surface. One of them died a year or so later of leukemia. I think it was only about twenty four twenty five. So maybe there's a connection. I think there's always this. How far does JEB go before he turns it Alex Jones? That's true that's us. I've ever heard any of that. And that's just that's ridiculous. Yep these guys are going on about Fighting Antediluvian. Civilization under the earth with their with their late nineteen seventies eighties weapons. You say ridiculous but that's just because you weren't in the Shit Haley. You weren't the shit you don't know if you were in the NAM you just don't know. Oh yeah okay. I'll remember that Allah real my criticism back in. I just have this picture of like a Butterfly Net. This thing running around with like a butterfly and is trying to catch a human short jump up in the air. Yeah exactly I love that image. I think it's also crossing over with your recent animal crossing interests. Oh my gosh yes. This is really weird for this news. We've been talking outside of the podcast about this episode recording it whilst we've been watching Hellier and I've got the new animal crossing game and there have been several parallels in animal crossing and researching Hallier including catching things women that I met Like an elemental last night and I've been fishing out. Tin Cans from the sea and tin cans are actually huge feature in Hellier. Let me also add that while reading your post about finding a tin cans in animal crossing listening to an unrelated show from twenty fourteen. The people on the show said the words animal crossing in the completely landlady contact. So yeah synchronicity is is where you find it the better. Your brain is finding relations between things and remembering those things the better in the more likely origin fall into synchronicity. Blake. That's a sink. Yeah Yeah exactly. Across both seasons of Hellier they use like a really weird array of different techniques. Tarik hard readings to determine the course of their investigation free to something called the SS method. Which is of the room to Against vowed meets the ghost box so methodology they rocky mountain hands filled right or is that what we were with Yasser. Do we want to talk about sort of the division that there's kind of two groups meeting in their team one from one place one from the other? Yes so you've got overstate Greg and Dana. And then they meet up with I think his Carl and Kana right and then they added Tyler season two right. He wasn't unseasonal flea season one. But he's he's not as prominent as isn't season to know exactly and I think it's the guys that came from. What's the her tackled stunning hotel? Stanley Stanley yes. They used to run the ghost events. That didn't I and they are the ones who devised the estes method. It's from estes Colorado. If I remember correctly it is part. Yeah and it's basically like a ghost box device which scans the frequencies picks up random noises from different broke costs and But the difference is that you have someone who's a blindfolded and noise cancelling headphones on and the device the skipping through the channel is being played into that is at the they are just saying out loud. What they hit but not hearing questions that the people are asking so light someone might say. What's your name? And they wouldn't hit them say that but then maybe on the device it would say Michael Seven. Let that go sox now. I used to have a go spokes but I got really bad radio signal. Where live so? I just throw away because it just never picked up anything. I had a broke. I had broken radio in my truck but are replaced it I I bought. I bought a ghost box last year for a course on investigating the paranormal that I teach and it's loud and it gives a lot of information so I cannot imagine being hooked up to it for forty minutes with sensory deprivation and yet that is what we see on screen. It'd be known. Isn't that if you listen to the ghosts at night they speak more Spanish just interesting. I guess that's an American thing it is it is we have a lot of Am radio bleed over from Benesch speaking.

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