Gretchen Whitmer, Governor Ralph Northam, Michigan discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


In federal court in Grand Rapids, Michigan, an evidentiary hearing for the men implicated in an alleged plot to kidnap governor Gretchen Whitmer over pandemic restrictions. It was there that an FBI agent asserted that the accused also discussed abducting Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. He's pointing the accusatory finger at the president for his liberate Virginia calls during the lock down, Not everything we do is agreeable to you, all Virginians. But when languages use such as to liberate Virginia People they find meaning in those words, and thus these things happen, and that's regrettable. Michigan's governor, meanwhile, was on ABC is the view the militia group calling themselves the Wolverine watchman arrested by the FBI and state law enforcers. They're just like any other terrorist organisation, says Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. It's very clear from the affidavits that it wasn't simply to kidnap. It was to put me on a trail of some sort, and then Possibly execute me. And that's the kind of thing that you would expect to hear. From a group like Isis, Michigan governor telling ABC is the view the ante Covic restrictions The watchman didn't like saved lives. Save the state. And now there's an economic recovery. Chuck Secrets and ABC News. Ah History Museum and Nats, western France postponed an exhibit on Genghis Khan. Accusing China trying to rewrite history with demands that words including Mangal and empire be dropped. No comment from China. This's ABC News. After Cove it can President Trump make a comeback. Greg Kelly says he can win big time..

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