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Go. Got it. All right. So Lakers played their fourth preseason game of the season. They took on the clippers, they lose the game, whatever's the preseason. It doesn't matter LeBron didn't play. He got the night off and sure why not LeBron can take as many preseason games off as he wants. Lonzo still hasn't played with the Lakers key, and we're getting closer to the end of the line. We're getting closer to the start of the season up in Portland, and I know he's telling me the preseason, it doesn't matter. I know that he's going to play a lot of games this season, hopefully, but I don't think it would be the world's worst idea to have him get a couple of runs with his real teammates in a game setting before we get going. But I told you was gonna play going to preseason. Everybody hates, no, he's gonna place, not ready to play. He won't play probably to eventually. He doesn't play for at least a couple of weeks into the season, at least if he doesn't play until a couple of let me let me start this with a carve out. He shouldn't play until he's ready to play, which couple of weeks find he shouldn't play until he's ready to play. So I, we all agree on that, but last season, the biggest knock on him aside from the shooting was that he missed a ton of time. He got his procedure in the this is going back to when we were at the the the, the boat in in Pasadena, and we were talking about and we found it Lonzo was getting surge as in the middle of the summer, the boat and passing that show we did from clearance galley, it's called the boat, the locals call to boat. They'll know what I'm talking about the about you were there. Then you fast forward to here we are. It's the middle of October, and the guy still hasn't gotten on the you were there. We talked to each other you. You gave me the, I'm Travis Rodgers. Good to see again. Maybe, but we're Keith. It's the middle of October. He hasn't. He hasn't played yet. Yeah, but if if he's injured then he has to get healthy in order to be able to get on the floor to be able to play with these guys traffic can't make Kaik it out there. This isn't high school. You can't make this guy get out there if he's injured and he's banged up. He's coming off surgery. So you gotta let it heal up to the point where he's going to be efficient. You don't setbacks because he's he's, you know, favoring one one leg versus the other. Now of a sudden interesting. I mean, you just to pump your brakes a little bit. He'll get on the court and he'll get on the floor. You slow healer. I mean, he could be yeah, he could be a slow healer or maybe they're taking their time with him and they're saying, okay, we don't need you back right now. Let's get you back to a hundred percent oppose the ninety percent. I don't think you wanna push him right now because you've got the whole season head of you. But I would think if I'm Lonzo ball on putting myself in his shoes and I see that LeBron is here and I. I know that LeBron likes playing with veteran guys, and I know that regime Rondo is here and I know that he's looked pretty good through the preseason and he's looked pretty good with LeBron. I'm not loving the idea of not getting my chance to go out there and play with them too. When there's a guy that does what I do, arguably maybe a little bit better than I do at this point. And he's out there getting all these minutes and I can't even get on the court..

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