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That's what this move. Was head of. Football operations becomes defacto. Owner elway hires gm gm fires fangio. It's called domino's that what happens. New regime start all over clean slate now. Is it worth doing that. When ownership still not figured out does become the owner. I mean is that. is that what this is. What is this all about colfax. I mean we're just trying to figure this out there so many things Adam peters is a name that just came up as far as general manager. he's he was with the broncos. For what seventy years elway came to joel said that elway came to his decision on his own to hire new general manager. This is something else. I didn't see this happening this year. I thought we'd ride it all out because of the ownership situation. It's such a strange deal. All right colfax noko mobile gaming. We worked with them. We had the the brew talk nerd. Show one of our wednesday night programs. We had this battle between us plane bit different video games we played madden and i played noko now host -tainer sh- went cheated. Obviously everybody knows. That can't play three minute to minute quarters. That's ridiculous. I i'm running guy. I run the ball. Colfax cape quarters. Anyway i'm no sour grapes here noko mobile gaming teaming up with us pay attention right now holding. Turn up your radio turn it up. I am going..

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