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So this wild bitch took a recording device into the situation room and then played it on the news Orosa. She claims to have heard Donald Trump used the n. word that's not that greasy when she left the White House, she compared it to being freed off a plantation on big brother. She told real housewives of Beverly Hills, star, Brandon Glenville that White House staffers sleeping around. She claims. She tried to reason with Trump whenever he did anything outrageous and she thinks Mike Pence would be a much worse president than Trump because of his extremist Christian views. So on Rosa completely completely offer rocker, what did you think we'll be in her book? I think first of all, nobody should read it. Nobody read it, pay attention to things that matter. Not maroshek can I just say that if you need an if you need proof, if you need an audiotape of Donald Trump, saying the n word to prove to yourself at Donald Trump is racist. Go, fuck yourself, you, we don't need evidence of that. We don't need it and she's, she's painting entire seven, seven figure book deal on this like elusive tape, which probably does exist. Does that surprise any of us know if you need that in order to feel like Donald Trump is a racist. You haven't been paying attention to America for the past two years now, reading any of the clues reading. And that's just like showing your ignorance upsets me that that that is something that we are that were paying attention to not just her, but this specific type of evidence that supposedly out there. Yes, I am also curious. I hope this is in the book. I want to know who roses fans are. Have you ever met a single person who's like, I'm an morosi fan. I would. I would slowly into some hedges. If somebody told me they were. So really doesn't. It's not a thing like same with like a Sean Spicer fan. Everybody that read the book was like, I fucking hate this. Yeah. Yeah, and they were going to have a resurgence one day, I feel. Do you ever any like Omari on fans that just get confused. That are like, wait, no, you said, oh, no, no, no, no, no up that bit. Absolutely. Not. I'm here for the music. My bad. So you think that in her book, maybe there's just a whole chapter of Omari on rate there? I am really, I love. I do love that. She is such a reality star slut she does not. She will go on any. She would fly to England and beyond love island. If she could, you know, like she will. I saw her on, say us to the dress. You could tell. Randy was so upset that is the gay consultant. He was like, why are we doing this? I'm hoping in the book that she reveals some sort of like behind the scenes that Trump came to kleinfeld and helped her pick out her hideous wedding dress. Okay. I've seen it. It costs a lot and it was a waste of money. I think there's something there's potentially one interesting thing to be mined from the book. And from what I understand, she talks about the fact that at some point in her journey being with Donald Trump through the apprentice and through the number of reality shows that she's been on. She started to realize that she was token how she didn't identify that from the gecko. I don't know. But I think there's something really interesting about self identifying going on the journey of identifying at some point that you're being used as a token. I don't know if that could be inciteful for other people. Probably not. Again, don't read it, don't buy the book, but if you're going to there, there's some. There's something psychologically interesting about that to me that she could shock us with. Yeah, I think that she could shock us by not lying. She didn't. She did an NPR interview. Where she kind of contradicted her claim that she had heard the n. word tape and it yet just doesn't really make any sense. I don't know. I really, I really, I wished that I didn't know who she was..

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