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All right. If it's 7 40 on a Monday Warner Wolf, the legendary sportscaster is always with us from Naples, Florida. Good Morning Warner, Warner, Michael and Lynn. Here we go question. Quick question for you. So Florida is now open for business. Everything's open. Are you What partaking of that? Or you still staying away from a lot of indoor activities staying away? My wife and I, we haven't had a meal out since March. But to my wife's credit, she has become a great a chef. The best meal I've ever had in my life. She was all the food shows and gets recipes. I'm telling you, we're miss going not going out. I'm not going to do it. Well, when I was down there visiting you last year, I think she made some delicious lamb chops. I remember. There you go. Yeah, And you remember, Remember the time I came over and she made the chicken salad for lunch for us. And then she had a little note note cards for you say, now take the plates out first. Put the lettuce on the plate than the chicken salad on top of the lettuce. It was very It was all spelled out Warner. She's still easily notes. Wait. Hey, Warner must be great. Watching the football team Ximena combined eight. No. The Giants haven't scored in weeks. Ah, what a fun time to be a football fan here in New York. Well, you know, I'm going to revert to my old saying the Giants are the only team in league with a prevent offense. This race Good line. Gosh, Here's the bottom line. It's really sad. The Giants and Jets when you consider the schedule and the record the season is over for both of them right now, and I wouldn't you know I go back to this upset before. Hope it doesn't become tiresome, but the management missed the boat when they both Asked on Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen in a 2018 draft. Those guys they're still going to be playing after Sam Darnold and Daniel Jones along gone. You know, I was right. I would blame the management for this. And by the way, the Jets are in the NFC East. Oh my gosh. The combined record the NFC East 3 12 and one So the Yeah, that the John Doe winless giants are only game and a half out of first other words, is the NFC least. It's not the end of the day. It's all good. What do you think of the What? What? You use that on what On your show. Hey, the baseball Yankees continued. Today they were open up a Siri's against Tampa. They're playing in San Diego just seems so weird. Remember when we used to cover the Ahh playoffs or Channel two and Foreign 70 Year on the field. You're interviewing player in a year there. It's excited, and this is like this is like Twilight Zone. Baseball. Yeah, gosh, no home team going gracious, I It's hard to get into it. I'm having a difficult time I watched some here and there but It's not like you say it's not like the old days. Hey, wait a minute. I've got a Ah riddle for you both a little for the really? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So with the high holidays last week How's did Moses make his tea? How did movies make his teeth? He parted the T. Lea, I don't know Some part of you brooded. I heard it was our guy. That's good. One week got a bullet? Okay, but it has to go to Alabama to make savings. Yeah, So Alabama powerful Alabama is leading poor Texas A and M 42 17 42 to 17 of the third quarter. He kicks a field goal. 45 to 17 00. Obviously, you know what that means. Saving took Alabama and gave 27 points was that the spread I'm just joking with you making a joke, OK? I just want to I want to, you know, want to be factual here, you know, And I was thinking you brought up baseball..

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