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Wrote their stories. They thumbed out their tweets, and they left. Every Nolan are not related headline that is from a publication that is not based in Colorado. Is about Nolan in the Cardinals. Are they world? Serious contender. Um How good is Nolan going to be all this kind of stuff? How about the Rockies anymore? And it's not surprising, but you know, I try to find the positivity and things Yes, I'm trying to Doctor says I should do that more. I tried to, But you know what? They're gone. It's on us. That Turk said it earlier when he called in It's up to us. If we want change. We have to Cause that change ourselves. And it's not just about laying our Rockies jerseys. In front of the gates at Coors Field. It's not just about coming on coming out angry tweets. It's not just about me. Almost, you know. Blasting a vein or something yesterday. Talking about the Rockies assigned could be enough. And there are people who are truly giving up on the Rockies all together and we'll and we'll never come back. And that's fine and now will help. Certainly with the cause, but there's so many of us left. And I won't call myself in here. That just can't quit this team. Just can't Ryder die since day one down since day one. That's what a lot of us are with Iraqis. And deep down. We love this organization. We don't love dick Monfort. We don't love Jeff. Bright itch. But we love this team. Our team. What we need to do. In order to try and ensure That the Rockies will have a brighter future. Is we have to bleed them financially. That's the only way we're going to get this done. Patrick said it when he called in. During the first hour. If you love the Rockies. You truly love them. You cannot go to games. If you truly love the Rockies You cannot buy Rockies gear. You can't do it. Dick Monfort cannot see. That his behavior is being rewarded in any way. That's why it has to do And you know what When change actually happens. We can pack Coors Field again any even the fans that left and said I'm completely done with Iraqis? I will never support them ever, ever, ever. They can come back. That's fine. We'll welcome him back with open arms..

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