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Then we got into a scuffle in. The bus driver actually stopped the bus. It was a good fist fight. We both got in a few shots. And based on the experience he tells the paper. So is jake paterson capable of doing something. Terrible i would say yes. He could shoot someone. I saw the rage in his eyes. So that's just one example of like how this guy got along with others which is route well so he besides the had no previous convictions. Like he hadn't been in trouble with the law But after graduating. High school in manon wisconsin. He had enlisted in. The marine corps was released after one month. I'm not sure why. But he worked for the jennie o. Turkey plant in barren for one day in two thousand sixteen before he quit and this was the only weirdly enough the only link he had to the close family. Because jamie's parents both worked at the genio turkey plant. Whoa so that was kind of strange. I mean we'll find out later. Yeah that we'll talk more about later but That was the all moon out makes no sense it makes no sense exactly and he worked there for one so it's not like they knew each other right. Yeah okay so anyway. Back to jamie's experienced this fucking asshole has forced her underneath his bed which he would then barricade with like dumbbells like workout weights and other heavy materials so she wouldn't be able to escape. She was pressed into the ground. She was yeah basically just like though she was just like hanging out in rolling around down there she was like being present so she's out of the bed so he just blocked off the oh blessed a bed with i was thinking like put it the beds. The bed was too heavy to now. It's just being crushed. Okay no no. He just blocked the bear. He barricaded the bed with weights and other objects to keep her underneath it so long periods of time ago by where he wouldn't give her any water or food she would be down there for hours on end He wouldn't allow her to use the bathroom. He would even sometimes have certain visitors like his dad and his friends come over to the house. All while jamie was hidden underneath his bed and he would just leave his room blasting with loud music so no one could hear her screaming just like can you also like thinking as the jacob guy like the immediate.

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