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Pretty goldberg is in miami by skype ill info bernie why is the nfl selfdestructing before our eyes well it the the ad seems harmless enough and by not running it uh roger goodell in the nfl are going to get the predictable reaction mostly from conservative media uh on the other hand if they decided to run it even though it's only ten seconds this is the last thing he needs a super bowl sunday in and saying please stand calling attention to the very problem he's been facing all season it was it was in no wind situation for him he led the protests gola too long it's a nowin situation of his own making and now he's gonna take it in the neck one way or the other isn't and bernie by the way reports for hbo's real sports as opposed to fake sports um so bernie knows the sports world isn't a true in your opinion that the national football league audience is largely made up of traditional americans and that because of the way goodell as botched the whole thing their revenue is significantly lower this year than it was last year isn't that true statistically ratings for down nine point seven percent over last year and merchandises dow pretty big parking attendants snacks all of that so wouldn't it makes sense that goodell says you know what i want to get on the side of the vets here and this is not this is really not a big deal i know it draws attention that's a valid point but i wanna i wanna show the world that i'm i'm on his side of the vets if they if they want to give their opinion at the super bowl i'm going to allow it would not make sense to you.

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