Tommy, Jimmy Favor, President Trump discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show


I at. It's a self defeating a lot stupid. I yeah it really is. You're depriving yourself based on what it's stupid. So Jimmy Favor Get Liz in one of the next you know thirty days and carve out two and a half hours or three hours or however long it is. It's a long movie and watch. Titanic you'll like it. You'll really like it all right. Were my pillow back. That Guy Buddy. Well I'm not gonNA say anything because who knows. Maybe my pillow will be a future advertiser on the show but I actually tried my pillow at one point and Anyway who it was. It didn't solve the problem that I was looking forward to solve. I'll just say it that way But maybe I didn't try enough pillows. Maybe I tried the wrong one pillow instead of my no. I did try a my pillow dot com pillow. That's what I'm saying. I actually was convinced by somebody because I was having migraines. And they're like you could be the pillow and so I was convinced to and this was the pillow that was suggested from my pillow dot com. And I got it and it really didn't solve the issue at all but I could have just you know ordered the wrong pillow But man you know He I I don't I don't know that. He surprised a lot of people with his discussion yesterday with the president. A lot of people said that this certainly thought that that sort of what he what he was like that was. I just I just belched by the way you miss that Tommy used to Tommy used to you on show one in for one in particular and you would not. You wouldn't admit it you were so weak it's like it's you BURP. Who Cares? You know I know that. Sound Bite on my well. Yeah mark turned it into a dropped. Remember Yeah.

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