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Out. Hey love love your going for new at your more love. The Big Fan Big Fan. Love the enthusiasm just a new place for slavery to flourish. Love that I mean. I don't know if you knew that doesn't really matter. But I love the perks. Great Yeah now. A Free Man Walker found employment is the editor of a newspaper in Sacramento. He wrote a series of editorials complaining about extremists. On both sides of the slave immerses abolition he becomes. Msnbc himself here writing was not enough to capture his attention anymore. Once you've tried to conquer American nation nothing else is GonNa hit the spotlight and other Central American nation. Never done hit right. I've said it a thousand times. Yeah now during this period Nicaragua was enmeshed in a civil war between two opposing political parties the legitimates and the Liberals the Liberal Party had hired a number of American mercenaries including the Fella named Col- who'd worked with Walker on a newspaper called the commercial advertiser wants Cole. Got The lay of the land in Nicaragua. He had the the Liberal Party. Send an invitation to his friend Walker. The started talking and eventually Walker wound up in contact with representatives from the Liberal Party next according to a write up in the pin gazette eager to exploit the nation who shipping route could prove immensely valuable to himself and to the United States Walker. Agreed this time however he made sure to circumvent neutrality laws by obtaining a contract to bring colonists to Nicaragua on May thirty eight hundred fifty five Walker and fifty seven followers left San Francisco by boat shortly after arriving and reinforced with local democratic troops. They attacked the legitimate stronghold of reverse. They lost decisively. Driven out of town after suffering significant casualties though his military prowess questionable Walker became the leader of the Democrats by default when the chiefs of both the military and executive branch died on October thirteenth. In what was considered to be the only truly adept maneuver of his military career. He commandeered a ferry and sail to Granada taking the legitimate forces. By surprise at this point he effectively gained control of Nicaragua. Installing puppet interim President Patricio Rivas soon after he had himself elected president and was inaugurated on July twelfth. Eighteen fifty six so he conquers Nicaragua. He's he's the president. Oh my you did it. You son of a bit did it. Because he gets hired and you'll see them written as the liberal of the Democrat Party depending on which source you find. But he. This party hires him as a mercenary and he leads a disastrous attack. And it gets everyone who's in charge of the party killed and so he just takes control by the Fox bending all my boss killed so hey you know that means top of the business particularly the part. That would make a really good movie like. Oh Yeah Eric Prints must have like this. Like has like bed sheets of this guy. Yeah Yeah Eric Prince like goes to sleep coming thinking of William Walker and how you get them. If only had an air force them to modify my plane into a fighter jet. Yeah so in. A matter of days Walker went from a hired mercenary to president of Nicaragua presumably for the rest of his life. I think that was the goal he had in mind. I don't I don't see a lot of future elections coming on definitely and No primis no No one least of all the American government had ever considered this to be a realistic possibility. But William Walker was very ready to run a country and he got right to work making proclamations. English was declared the official language of Nicaragua. That's his first move. We're getting rid all this fucking Spanish. I first order of business all right. We're doing English. Everybody's people are speaking in Sonata in. It doesn't even make sense. What the heck I thought it was just an Tanada down here By now we're getting rid of that straight away shit. Yeah it's amazing so yeah so. Property was confiscated from defeated legitimacy and handed over to Williams American volunteers. He established a bilingual newspaper. El Nicaraguan say which was based on a local legend about a gray. I'd leader who would free Nicaragua from Spanish. Domination William Walker who had gleefully taken on the nickname the gray I'd man of destiny had one of his pet journalists. Write an op Ed in the paper claiming this traditional prophecy has been fulfilled to the letter. The Gray I'd man has come. Oh that must that must have a prophecy down now to real yes. It's real now. Yeah absolutely no but that would that was. That prophecy actually predates probab- almo- almost certainly not he claimed it was in a local prophecy he motherfucker. I like jacking. I mean it's truly like that's what that's what colonization is about. You hijack you completely erase it. You re work it for your own gains and then you gaslight the people no kidding yeah you wanted this or at least going to project that to the people who don't know any better. I. It's like what they would say about native Americans using every part of the Buffalo William Walker colonizers every part of the Nicaragua Yay Holy. Shit the fucking Gray Eids Please but miles won't colonize Nicaragua and replace its native language with English. The products and services. That support this podcast. Yeah that's one of our very few lines as you cannot have attempted to conquer Nicaragua. Not Well I won't have. I won't have to my podcast. I just crystal geysers out of the question. Yes yes they are out of the question as are a number of Snack chip brands. 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