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Mm all right now we move israel mentally headline afp hardline religious jews protest against israeli army service several thousand ultraorthodox jews blocked a major intersection in central jerusalem on thursday to protest against efforts to force the religious jews to enlist in the years israeli military like their secular compatriots now let me explain something to you if it wasn't for the military there would be no jews in israel let's start with that and for them to hide behind their religion and say that how dare you tell us to serve in the military because we are engaged in religious study well excuse me think the people in the military aren't engage in their lives as well so in other words ultraorthodox young men are hiding behind their religion to dodged military service more than one hundred have been detained over the recent demonstrations including seven the ultraorthodox this week blocking roads steady sending the middle of the street one of them had a sign it said to military prison for the crime of terror study one man was a draft dodger in black robes and pay a says the state wants to silence all jews you want to study toro he said lately there they i've seen the ultraorthodox population growing so they wanted to serve in the army and be absorbed into the general population well my friends i have a question for you you see in israel is a law and it requires meant to serve two years and eight months in the military averaging the age of eighteen while all israeli women must serve for two years but ultrareligious men are exempt from military service if they are engaged in religious study mm hmm religious study well every orthodox jewish engage religious thirty because they read the bible every day so what they get a pass it's like people with disability placards on their cars in san francisco what do you think they're all disabled at you joking how many people have seen jump at a cars in in your town hopping into the into the ihop whoever absolutely no disabilities whatsoever they use.

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