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S 5 53 Double The odds. Here's a text message from Michael City Worker John. Terrible Show you today. You're very dismissive of scholars who know a lot more than you. You haven't come downtown and how long derided Grand Park was preplanned most in Chicago are number one riders are dressed in black to blend together. Riders communicate with phones that chirp Ah, rioters common rental vehicles. Riders come with a day's worth of water juice, food and sex. Riders wear motorcycle helmets to fight riders use umbrellas to block police officer sidelines and saw that riot are threatened. Not gonna read that The city has ordered cops to stand down the city's accounts report in solved Cat self soft caps. Now that changed superintendent decided to let the police suit up for this. The city has refused to issue body cameras to cop station downtown and not heard that, but I never I never disagree that they weren't preplanned the anarchists for lack of a better professional riders criminals. Criminals involved in that scene last Friday. I never said anything different, Mike, but thank you for your tape. Let's go, Alex. He's out in or she I can't tell Alex Anissa Winnetka, Alex. Hi. How are you? Hi, Alex. Welcome. Go ahead, sir. I find it ironic that when I speak to my parents who lived through the sixties, of course, that if they said, if you would have gone by.

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